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Mercury Pharma Eltroxin?

Is Eltroxin the exact same product as MP generic Levo? After waiting a whole week for MP to be dispensed i got two boxes of MP 25mcg, one box of Actavis 50mcg and one Eltroxin 50mcg.

It appears MP and Alliance have set up a cosy cartel arrangement whereby no other distributor can get MP and Alliance only supply Boots (I'm using a small local pharmacy). Why does it have to be so hard just to stick to the same make every time...?

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Did MP tell you that or did the small local pharmacy who can't get MP tell you that?

Mercury Pharma 100mcg and Eltroxin 100mcg are identical as they have the same product licence numbers. The 50mcg tablets are very slightly different but supposedly not enough to be significant. There is no mention of whether there is any difference between the 25mcg tablets.

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The 50 microgram tablets are identical - both have Product Licence PL 10972/0031.

They didn't used to be identical - there was a small difference (which was claimed to make no actual difference) but to avoid confusion they made them the same.

The 25 microgram tablets are also identical.

The btf-thyroid link is, however, misleading and out-of-date. It identifies tablets by markings which have changed since 2014. They are now marked LT 25, LT 50 or LT 100.


Alliance and Boots are both parts of Walgreens Boots Alliance.

What you are saying seems rather odd. The Almus brand is owned by Walgreens Boots Alliance and supplies Actavis levothyroxine specially packaged in Almus livery. (Though absolutely identical to the Actavis sold as Actavis.) I find it hard to imagine Boots both selling Actavis as Almus AND having a monopoly on MercuryPharma levothyroxine.

We see a considerable amount os misinformation (or is it disinformation?) provided by some pharmacies. Quite possibly they are passing on what they have been told, or heard, or read. Just that too often it ends up not reflecting reality.


Yes, I don't know for sure what I was told reflects the reality but that is certainly what the pharmacist and his employee believe it to be. I called them and was asked to hold whilst I was hearing their conversation - the employee was asking if they could get some from a boots for me if there's no other option. When I collected them the pharmacist explained they have 6 distributors and none could provide MP. It was only available at Alliance but there was a message on the system that he had no right to buy. Now, this may have been because he had no ongoing relationship with Alliance but when I probed him further he said it was deliberate to set margins between MP and Alliance and that he contacted a 'national body' that helps source specific medication when patients require it but they couldn't get hold of enough MP that way.

The MP I had before all came from boots, I had 25s and also 50s from them. Before Teva came back, controlling the whole supply chain of MP and also Almus would have given Boots the best of both worlds with only Actavis competing and Wockhardt. I believe that this it's not too far fetched for Alliance Boots...


My head hurts. From all the scratching - trying to work out what on earth is going on.

We can be pretty sure of one thing: It will not be to our benefit.


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