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First endo appointment

Hi, I have an appointment with an endocrinologist at Newcastle on Monday after a 3 month wait. Please can anyone tell me do they usually test your blood for hormone levels etc on the first visit? I have stopped taking my usual sublingual vit b12 and progesterone cream in order that the results are accurate.

I am so hoping that the endo is sympathetic to Hashimotos symptoms and will take me seriously. I had my Angiogram on the 10th and was incredibly relieved that my arteries are completely clear: My ECG was showing that I may have eschemia. It seems that the dreadful palpitations and ST flatlines on the ECG are probably due to the hypothroid condition.

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Just spoken to the Endocrinologist's secretary, yes I will have a blood test at my first appointment on Monday. So it is worth persevering without B12, iron, progest etc. Feeling very dizzy and ' foggy' but obviously worth persevering.


Hi Aleahcim,

I would be very.interested in hearing about your experience when you go to see Newcastle Endo, as you appear to live in my " neck of the woods ".

My g.p. has offered to change my Endo, but not sure where to go.

Is it at the RVI hospital?

Hope all goes well!



Hi Pinkpeony, I am in West Cumbria but v poor provision here. Yes it is the RVI, I can private message you which one if you like, (not sure how on here though). Feeling very hopeful for help but very keen to get some accurate test results back. I spoke on the phone to a well know compounding pharmacist in Arizona re meds but I need accurate levels first.

What problems have you experienced?



Where to begin lol.

Hyper to start with , RAI treatment which I regret, then naturally I went Hypo. Treated with Levo for nearly 2 years now and never feeling well despite allways being told my bloods were fine.

Thank goodness the folks on here told me to ask doc for b12 , vit d, ferretin etc. We were shocked to discover all of them were almost depleted which explained why I as in such a bad way.

I am now in the process of trying to raise the levels.

I hope you get a sympathetic Endo it will make all the difference.

Best Wishes Mary


Oh my goodness what a journey this is! The learning curve is just immense. As you say thank goodness for this wonderful facility. I have done so much research today my head hurts! Wish we didn't have to fight so hard to retain the right to be healthy and get the help we desperately need!

Good luck with raising your levels, I will let you know how it goes on Monday, Michaela :)


I see my Endo on Tuesday Michaela, not expecting too much.

I will be taking notes with me because you tend to forget half the things you wanted to ask, and of course my wonderful husband. :·)

I hope you will have someone with you.

Very Best Wishes



Hi Mary, how did you get on at your appointment with the endo? The endo I saw at thr RVI seemed lovely and ordered lots of tests. Now the results are back I'm not so sure. I put a post on this morning.

Hope things are a bit more positive for you? X


Hello Michaela

My goodness what a tough time you are having!

I saw my Endo and he was happy that my bloods have come down to normal ( or what passes as normal for us folks )

As I mentioned before my vitamins were almost completely depleted and I was having trouble dragging myself around. I was given the pleasure :·( of a colonoscopy and a laparoscopy to try and find out if it was absorption problems.

I was immediatelygiven a course of b12 jabs together with vitamin d , ferretin etc and thank goodness started to feel some improvement.

The downside is I appear to have severe gastritis and they want to put me on a ppi .Do you have anyone to go with you to the Endo , gp etc? It really does help.

I would be inclined to agree with your family, you should call an ambulance the next time you feel so bad !

My very best wishes to you



Oh dear, im sorry to hear that but I'm pleased you are getting the vits you need though. Have you been suffering from a lot of acid reflux? What were you prescribed for your vit D levels?

Yes my Daughter came with me thank goodness! I'm hoping my husband will be home next time though. Unfortunately it's always a bit unpredictable as he works away.

Take Care Mary x


Hello Again

The funny thing is I have had no reflux or any kind of upset stomach.

I had a curry on Friday so if that didn't give me any symptoms, I don't know what would lol .

The doc put me on 40,000 units D3 a week as my level was only 5 , this was after taking 800 given by Endo 18 mths ago.

I had a course of B12 injections and am coming up to 1st booster. I have also been supplementing this as my level was 185 and I have heard it takes a long time to raise levels.

Just for fun I have been on the dreaded iron tablets also:·(

Apart from that every thing is fine HaHa

I do hope you get sorted , I know it's an uphill battle.

The advice on here is invaluable , if they hadn't told me to get my vits checked I would still b e blaming thyroxin.

My very best wishes to you

Mary x


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