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Finally! First endo appointment at hospital

Hello All,

I have my first endo appt after nearly 4 years, I have hashimotos.

I'm worried they are going to say everything is fine even though I still have symptons. I have never been tested for t3 or ft3 or ft4!

Also I'm trying to get fit, but one session at the gym I can't function the next day!

Does anybody have any advise?

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Stop going to the gym. You're using up all your T3, and that's why you can't function the next day.

What you need tested are your TSH, FT4 and FT3. No point in testing TT3 or TT4. You need to see the level of your T3 and whether you are converting well. By the sound of it, you aren't. How much levo are you on?


I'm on 125mg a day.

It's just hard as they say as soon as your on medication you should be able to function normally!


Ah, well, they're wrong about so many things. They have no idea, really.


Never a true word was spoken!

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hopefully they will do all these tests. but if not ask for a second opinion thats what ive done.


Hi, I ask for a few test on my first appointment in years a few months ago. They were quite obliging. Even a short synth test for cortisol. I told them that I was feeling quite ill and had been for some time,and that I had no quality of life even though TSH was 4.9 within range. They even let me try T3 sadly it didn't help me. Also I told them that I was supplementing and had gone Gluten free and was doing my best to help myself. I am feeling much better these days and I believe that is because I sought advice here and made relevant adjustments to my life and meds. I printed off questions/tests that I wanted to ask them about and 1 weeks temperature charts..list of supplements etc. I think they could see that I was serious about getting help.

This is your chance so get prepared and write things down it's easy to forget things during these appointments.

Best Wishes I really hope it goes well for you. x


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