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Latest results and a 'serum free' result? Ideas welcome!

I have had a cortisol and another TSH test this week,having been on 75mcg Levo ( from 50mmcg for 12 years) for a month now. The results, which I managed to get off the screen are.....

TSH 0.9 ( 0.2-5.5)

T4 14.5 ( 10-24.5)

Serum Free ( not sure what this is? Free t4) 4.2 ( 3.9-6.7)

Cortisol serum ( 9am) 464 ( 176-540 am, 60-350 pm)

I am thinking of going private, so any suggestions most welcome. It does look as though my TSH is falling , although I feel no better- crippling fatigue, brain fog, aching joints, breathlessness, weight gain etc etc.

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Probably FT3, judging by the range. But it's too low, so not surprised you're feeling bad. T4 isn't exactly brilliant, either. TSH is meaningless. Forget it. Once you are on thyroid hormone replacement, the link is broken between the thyroid and the pituitary, and the TSH no-longer accurately reflects thyroid status.

Your doctor ought to be hung, drawn and quartered for leaving you on a starter dose for 12 years! He should have tested after 6 weeks and then put it up to 75, not 12 years later!!! Make sure you get tested in another two weeks because that will be 6 weeks after your increase.

You don't have to take sneaky peeks at the computer screen, just ask the doctor for a print-out. It is your legal right. You can ask to have them for the last twelve years and just see what your doctor's been up too! If you're interested, I can provide the rope for the hanging!!!

Hugs, Grey


Ah, that's what I wanted to know, if the 'free' bit was FT3 or FT4 as it disn't actually say....I know I can have them but I popped along for my 'ladies ' check up and whilst in with the nurse I asked to look at my records, and noted the results! I am due another TSH in 2 weeks too. Should it be T3 higher then? Confused myself now about what to do next!!!!!


Yes you most likely need your fT3 to be much higher. Yours is only just in range. I feel best when mine is close to the top of the range, and would feel very hypo with those results. Agree with GG re TSH - your's certainly doesn't seem to be reflecting your hypothyroid state at all. It would be worth getting hold of Dr Toft's little book called "understanding thyroid disorders". In it he says something about most patients feeling best if their fT4 is close to the top of the range, and TSH at the lower end of the range, or even supressed. My TSH is < 0.02 and my endo is happy with that. xx


And Dr Toft also says that some people need their FT4 to be above range to feel ok.

I do wish these silly docs would get off 'the blood test rules all' fixation -It is lazy doctoring -nothing more and nothing less. It like those oil painting kits you can buy -you know where the painting areas are outlined with numbers in the area to paint in with matching number oil paint pots -mindless - requires no creative thought what so-ever -precisely what these docs are up to who rely on blood tests! Sorry -rant over!


lol Doctoring by numbers. Just about sums it up!


My blogs previous have outlined where i have got to....the endo hasn't actually seen me but wanted this test done first, so let me guess..they will say 'all fine, not your thyroid'. If so, i am going private- just drafting a letter to the GP to say so too! Will ask for T3 but would rather now have someone who actually knows what they're doing treat me...pah.


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