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Endo Visit

I saw my private endo last week for the first visit.

I was somewhat confused after the consultation to say the least.

I was diagnosed UAT after taking amiorderone for heart problems back in 2004. Ami is know to knock out the thyroid. Prof F feels that he doesn't think I was diagnosed correctly, according to him UAT is hereditary? So is the heart disease I have, but NO ONE in my family has it. I was having a passive moment and didn't argue the point.

I had downloaded the sheet from Thyroid UK with a list of symptoms and ticked the relevant boxes and also added a few more of my own, he just glanced at the list and said, the majority of people can suffer many of these symptoms and not have thyroid problems!

I came away £200 lighter with his instructions to have more bloods done and come back in 6 weeks (another £100)

I mentioed my weight, how I've tried every diet going to no avail, his reply, yes, it is hard to lose weight!

On the way home it came to mind that if it wasn't my thyroid playing up and I take 100 mcg of thyroxine surely I would be over active?????

I asked if I could have the bloods done on the nhs as I am self funding, yes he replied but if you want the anti body test tell your G.P. you have a goiter.

Still have to wait another 2 weeks before bloods as I had an increase in thyroxine 6 weeks ago.

Comments would be greatly appreciated

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UAT can be hereditary. But it doesn't have to be. All sorts of things can zap the thyroid. It's usually the autoimmune variety that is hereditary (hence the anti-body test) but even that isn't necessarily true. Looks like you picked a duff one there!

6 weeks is long enough after an increase, you don't have to wait another two weeks.

Hugs, Grey


Thanks Grey for your response. Will ring the G.P in a minute and get an appointment for the bloods. Your right about endo, he's a Prof too? Have a great day x


You don't have to say you have a goiter, I just pushed for the antbody test and they did it.


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