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Nutri thyroid - what is it for?

Does anyone take the Nutri Thyroid (Thyroid Glandular Concentrate)? Or the Nutri Thyroid Complex? I'm guessing the complex is for vitamin supplement but what does the Nutri Glandular Concentrate do? (I know what it is but just don'e understand why you would take it - will it affect the Levothyroxine by adding to it?) Sorry if it is a daft question!

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Not daft at all!

The issue has been discussed many times. It is difficult because no-one ever seems to know why it should or could work given that it claims to have no hormone content. But people do notice some effect.

I don't have any useful answers.



Thanks Rod, I might give it a go. Getting to a point where I'll try anything but didn't want to waste my money if the consensus was it doesn't do much!


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