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Pollen allergy suddenly developed-does tea tree oil interfere with Levo?

Just wondered if anyone has a pollen allergy_I'm 56 and just started with itchy runny eyes/feeling of blocked bronchials-been out gardening for ages. Started levo last year-no probs that summer. Now using tea tree oil for congestion etc -also have a dermatological prob-itchy skin/spots.

Needed to know if tea tree oil interferes with thyroxine.

Any comments would be great-especially if you started with pollen allergy late in life and after being diagnosed hypo-thyroid.

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Just linked this to someone else and thought it might help you.

Moggie x


Hope it doesn't, never thought to check! I've been using it in a vapouriser lately, having suffered with a viral infection that I still have after 3 weeks duration! It has attacked my chest (amonst other parts!) and caused breathlessness. I started with a pollen allergy after starting on levo 6+ years ago. I was 55 at the time. Thought I was hypothyroid, well I am, but as a result of Hashimoto's autoimmune disease, which I found out about 6 months ago. Great!!! Be good to know if there is an interaction between tea tree and levo, but hoping not cus I use it in my homemade mouthwash too (trying to reduce the amount of flouride use).

Jen x


Before I was diagnosed hypo I got the silver birch tree allergy its the one that comes spring time, I dont get affected by the grass hay fever in the summer. I then became intolerant to foods which they call oral allergy syndrome, which some of the foods link to the silver birch. So I cannot eat many fruits and nuts due to the silver birch allergy.

Hope the above link is of interest

I tend to believe this brought on my hypothyroidism

Mandy x


Thinking back I never had allergies of any kind until the summer after I started taking Eltroxin in 1978 then I started with a bad grass allergy.

I could never get onto a maintanence dose of a yearly injection because I finished up in hospital from the severe reaction I had ... then tested and diagnosed two years ago with Rape Seed and Wheat Flower / flour ? allegy as well.


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