I have Graves and also very low calcium, I put on three stone over the last year, I have read different forums and information on how to loose weight, most of them all said the same that you will be lucky to loose any weight no matter what diet to be on.The comments made me feel very depressed, I felt whats the point in trying to loose weight if all these people say its hopeless. Then ten days ago I decided to give myself a kick up the bum and make an effort, I switched to having a healthy diet and excercise more, not by joining a fancy gym but by walking more, which I find difficult due to my muscles being sore, I have enjoyed shopping for healthy food making my own meals from fresh products and walking for 30 minutes a day. Yesterday I bought an exercise bike which I am going to use while watching TV!. The good news is I have lost almost 6lbs. So please don't read all the negative statements on forums and think why should I bother going on a diet or eating healthily, be positive and think you can do this. I also feel better, not so tired and the muscles in my legs are not as sore as they were.

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  • Well done jaxbubbles - fantastic work :) It is so encouraging to read positve blogs like this :) xx

  • Thankyou

  • Thank you for sharing. I've been very down this week about my weight issue. You have given me real hope. Keep up the good work!

  • I think what is actually said is that you will have difficulty losing weight until you have enough thyroid hormone in your body. You only give us half the story here, you don't mention your levels or how much hormone you're on.

    Hugs, Grey

  • That is great news! Sounds like you have the right thyroid hormones now and healthy eating and moving your body is always a great way to go.

    I always eat healthily and under 1500 cals a day but can't lose weight but I know I don't yet have the right levels of thyroid hormones. I walk everywhere and do karate and other exercise. The good news is, since getting to a reasonable dose of NDT, I am no longer gaining. Hopefully when this latest increase kicks in, I might even start losing. I am a firm believer in eating healthily and keeping active. I'm glad it's working for you :)

    Carolyn x

  • Maybe you need more than 1500 cals a day...

  • I did try that for a few weeks and just gained more. It is the first thing I would suggest to someone else :) I know it is just because I am under-replaced and will soon be able to eat more. Hopefully this latest increase is going to make a difference. I used to be able to eat quite a reasonable amount.

  • Thank you it's nice to get positive comments. I haven't got a clue what levels of thyroid hormone I have. I am on medication for Graves - over active thyroid carbimazone, but also have hypoparathyoidism and take one-alpha 1 microgram for probably the rest of my life. I am learning to live with both and take every day as a positive step forward. :)

  • Hi, I also have graves and was hyperactive like you on carbimazole but have been treated with radioactive iodine and am now hypoactive. When I was hyper I lost over a stone just be being hyper until I was medicated because the high level of thyroxin speeds everything up. If you notice you can't lose weight in future whilst on carbimazole then maybe worth asking if your dose is too high for you?

    Well done for persisting and changing to a healthy way of life. I particularly like the idea of using an exercise bike whilst watching tv!

    Best wishes

  • I have recently lost 2sts over a 5month period by 30 mins of brisk walking 5 x per week and using a website called which is really about sensible eating and portion control. Basically eat less and move more! I also try to eat only natural foods and avoid anything which has additives etc and no "low fat" foods as they are full of nasty products to make them taste better. I feel so much better and most days, apart from taking my tabs, forget that I have Hashimotos.

  • Great stuff! I like that you share my hatred of "low fat" foods :) Proper, wholesome, natural foods are the way to go. No artificial rubbish. Really pleased it's working for you. Hopefully the same will be the case with me once my thyroid levels are good :)

  • Thank you for your post. It has made me feel very positive and inspired to keep trying. X

  • Hi, thats very possitive! Ive just bought my gym membership and will start going to the gym from next week on. look forward to it and thanks for your motivating post! :)

  • Well done you. There are many detractors that think losing weight is impossible unless you meet some specific TSH or T4 levels. However this is patently not the case. If we all ate better food in smaller amounts and did more exercise we could all lose weight. However when you feel tired or have sore muscles or feel starving ( as with Graves) it is difficult to find motivation and stick with it. That is the real reason so many on here feel it is not possible. It gives hope to here your comments.

  • For some people that may be the case. For me, I can lose weight when I am well medicated but can't when I am not. Last time I was on optimal thyroid replacement I lost all my excess weight that I had gained through being hypothyroid (4 stone), so I know it is possible when I get there again. When I am not on good medication, I cannot lose weight no matter how little I eat. I don't eat much, I only eat healthy foods and I exercise a lot! But I don't have Graves; I am just hypothyroid and it is likely a pituitary problem at that.

    Everyone is different, but I do agree with your point that it is possible that the weight can be lost with some hard work and dedication but for some people that will not be possible until they are somewhere near the right thyroid hormone levels. But people most definitely should not give up and it is good to hear the positive stories to keep us going.

  • I do appreciate your point however I also think that by sticking by this theory you are holding up people to fail. Not only are people feeling down and ill they are being told that you must get better before you can lose weight. Where is the positivity? Surely everyone is different.

    It may be the case for you but you are hypo not hyper and the original comment was made by a hyper.

  • Thanks again for all your nice comments, I am very pleased I have motovated a few people. I have to say that with reading some comments over the last few months which say there is no hope and I'll never loose weight ( and there was a few!) made me few almost at my witts end, I was happy just to give up and not even try. What I am trying to say to everyone is don't always pay attention negative information, try for yourself and make your out mind up, I know forums and blogs are wonderful and help us with understanding what is going on, but don't give up on yourself. I nearly did!!

  • I am finding that cutting grains out of my diet or only having a small portion ( I have a small portion of porridge for breakfast) and kicking out all additives, preservatives and aded sugar along with 10,000 steps per day has made a huge difference and am finally losing steady weight wekke on week without calorie counting....and feeling energetic!

  • Thanks for that positive note!! I put on 9kgs last year with a change in treatment which meant that the sugar/fat/salt cravings went through the roof.. Have managed to lose 2kgs but 7kgs to go... as my treatment isn't quite stabiised yet I'm reluctant to do anything crazy...but like you I'm trying to get at least 20 mins walking a day.....hopefully over time that will help both in terms of moving the body and perhaps when treatment is stabilised weight loss.... I've been eating healthily for the last 2 years on a diet recommended by my doctor but the problems are the cravings from adrenal fatigue/hashi.... I'm hoping to perhaps get a dog later this year which may help !

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