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Has my immune system decided to give up the ghost?

Diagnosed Graves last year and on 5mg until August when I come off it completely to "see what happens". After being off work for a week with what I thought to be a virus, I eventually woke up one morning with sore boob - went "Ayah!" and grabbed it, cue green pus coming out. Not breastfeeding, never been pregnant, off to the doc for an emergency appointment and diagnosed mastitis. I have felt run down for quite a while and put it down to moving to an open plan office and all it's germs (shudder!) but now I am wondering if my carbimazole could possibly have quashed my immune system so much that I am now riddled with infection. I've been prescribed post-operative strength antibiotics which, after a few days, I am really starting to feel great; I can't remember feeling this good for ages. I have to go back to the doc at the end of the week as he wants to make sure a lump he found was just pus and has dissipated. Should I be asking to have my white blood cells counted just in case?

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Hi You certainly need white count, for infection, really full blood count, U`s and E`s ( kidney) and LFT`s ( liver)Also sounds like not under an Endo, Graves tricky, you need to be. Find a good one , then ask for a referral.I have lots of autoimmune diseases, some are very odd, however, I have not heard of this one. Right thing to take consultant`s advice,, also to have a biopsy if needed. but a friend had this and it was fine.

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