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Calming down the immune system... Does it work?


I have seen stuff about this somewhere... It may have been in the Dhatis Kharrizan book. ( spelling?).... I think its based around not eating yeast, bread, alcohol and other stuff...

Has anyone actually tried and had any success? I am asking because I already have hashimotos with the accompanying hypothyroidism, which I treat with NDT, Its just been suggested I might have another auto immune disease..... Tbh, I haven't got time for that.. One is too many.

G x

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Know how u feel, i have 3 and have been pondering the same thing. How to calm the inflammatory and anti body response. Thus calm down our immune systems. Elimination of toxins would be a start eg. Mercury fillings, fluoride in tap water, hormones and additives in food. But i have already done all that. Personally i feel that stress is more toxic than anything else

galathea in reply to Hidden

Hi, apolologies for the late reply... Haven't been on here for a couple of days because I did a 6 am boot camp, followed buy a 9 hour day gardening, followed by a 7 am gym session yesterday and a 7 hour gardening session. Guess I'm not hypo anymore! Have done some of the stuff you suggest and am taking calcium d glucarate too. I haven't looked at food additives and I agree about the stress. Hmm, off to check out E numbers. :-(.


It may not be the one you stated but it is No.1 if you Google:-

galathea in reply to shaws

Ah, that's really interesting..... I have already asked my doc to refer me to a specialist as I refused to take the steroids for my supposed asthma.... (And lost over a stone) I feel I have an allergy, and she has suggested I go to one of the hospitals in dorset. I have the form for chose and book but research shows me that Southampton is my best bet for investigating allergies Only that hospital is not on her list. Today's job, after gardening is to write to the doc and ask that she puts Southampton on the list. .....

VitD is anti-inflammatory and works at strengthening the gut wall - now where did I read that ? Most auto-immune conditions start with gut issues I have read.... I have felt good on large doses of VitD in respect of Crohns....Selenium is also good. Have you found Izabella Wentz and her websites ? Her book is good too....

Sorry to hear there is a suggestion that another pesky condition may be coming to visit - I have read they hunt in packs....

Dr Tom O'Bryan is the guy who organised the on-line Gluten Summit before Christmas....maybe his website has something to offer -

Good luck...

galathea in reply to Marz

Hi, am on. 1000iu of vit d every day, and I work outdoors.. Have heard of dr Wentz, but not had time to check it out properly. ... I cut out gluten for over a year with no improvement. Then discovered I don't get on with cows milk. So I take lactase tablets if I drink cows milk but try and stick to goat milk. Thanks!

Marz in reply to galathea I had read positive things about Crohns and VitD I upped my dose to 10,000IU's daily - even though I live in the sun ! It also helped the aches and pains.... I don't think many people tolerate cows milk well - as Philip Day said in one of his talks - it is meant for baby calves !

Hubby and I both tested low for D in spite of living in Crete for years - as we age the absorption and assimilation process is impaired I have read....

When I was back in the UK recently we found some excellent goats milk yogurt in Sainsburys - it was delicious....

galathea in reply to Marz

Because I garden all day, every day, unless its raining, I have to keep moving. If I have a day off I have to do some time at the gym else I seize up completely. I do stretching every morning, but when I got lazy about the gym a couple of months ago it took 3 weeks to get my back straight. The sacroilliac joints were all in a mess. :(. You would think I would be lat thin with the exercise.... Ha! No chance.

Marz in reply to galathea


Diagnosed hypo 7 years ago, have been on levo ever since (100mcg) Felt very ill in November My TPO antibody level was 120. I decided to try gluten and dairy free as per Wentz and Robb Wolf. Next test in March showed levels down to 75 and last month down to 15. I was previously diagnosed wheat intolerant. Sticking with gluten free now but having some dairy, such as hard cheese, butter, no yoghurt and use lactofree milk for tea and rice milk in porridge.

infomaniac in reply to crimple

That's interesting Crimple. I am gluten free and have dallied with dairy free...but cheese always hunts me out! There are good substitutes for milk (I use Arla coconut milk) and I guess I can do without yoghurt but really find going cheese-free hard work!

galathea in reply to infomaniac

Have you tried using lactase tablets for when you accidentally end up with cows milk? Holland and Barrett do them, There are better ones around though.... I use some from my local Independent health food store.

infomaniac in reply to galathea

Yes I use them especially when I go on holiday-they are really helpful.

galathea in reply to crimple

After I had been hypo for 20 years my antibody count was still at 1700 plus. Who diagnosed you as wheat intolerant? What kind of specialist does the testing? I have a referral of sorts but want testing for as much as I can..... I don't feel ill with hypo stuff because I take NDT ( I self treat now). But other stuff is going wrong which may be a different auto immune disease..... Waiting on results...... G X

crimple in reply to galathea

I was diagnosed (1999) by an allergy specialist at an NHS hospital, but as a private patient! The specialist department was closed about a year later!! NHS no doubt thinks that allergies "are all in the head" I went on an elimination diet for 3 weeks, very restricted and then introduced a new food each day and noted symptoms. Wheat, chicken and eggs were off the menu, I later added, soya, lettuce and coconut to that list. So I am now Gluten free, and largely dairy free, apparently the hard chees has little or no lactose in it.

In NHS system if you are diagnosed with hay fever they give you antihistamines. In more civilised countries they find out what causes the allergy ( use sensitivity tests) and then gradually get you used to the allergen by injecting minute doses of the allergen and gradually increasing the dose. Some private clinics do that here.

I think what I am trying to say is that very few docs recognise that food might cause our bodies an issue, but then I ask would you put diesel in a petrol car? Talk of elimination diets, tests for allergies, understanding of auto immune conditions are pretty much an alien concept in my opinion when dealing with NHS. It is so much easier to give a prescription than get to the root cause of your problem. You realise that I am very cynical about the our health service!

galathea in reply to crimple

I am cynical too!

Have you thought about Low Dose Naltrexone? That's supposed to improve your immune system.

Hi, No I hadn't thought about Ldn. I don't really follow what it does, but thanks for reminding me!

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