Why does hypothyroidism cause hair loss in women?

The article discusses why and suggests what remedies may help reduce loss and enourage regrowth.


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Thank you Clutter. Currently trialling another hair loss shampoo, will report back in 6 months.

Are you on any t3? I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record here but that was what helped my hair come back.

Yes I am puncturedbicycle and have been for some 4 years. Eyebrows fell out completely so have semi-permanent make-up. Underarm hair doesn't grow.

Onion Juice ???

Ewww! Stick with my hairpiece, thanks :D

A serious problem for women. As a bloke I do not know whether the thinning is just ageing .I lost the outer third of my eyebrows and what little leg hair I had . But it continues to sprout out of ears and nostrils and the beard keeps growing.I would have been happy not to shave anymore but no such luck.Not trying onion juice on eyebrows or legs though!

Very useful summary - thank you, Clutter!

i have followed most of this advice...yet to be properly medicated! ;-) I'm clinging onto that hope x


I am wondering if its because onions contain a huge amount of sulphur which does promote hair growth. If onion juice rubbed on the scalp does not appeal you could always take pure MSM natural sulphur which promotes hair growth fast and eyelashes etc. You take it in water but you can add it to some sweet almond oil and rub it on scalp as well.

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