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Newbie,Any sucess with eltroxin?

Hi all,

I have fluctuating TSH levels over the last two years,end of range being 4.2.I was once over this and was sent to endo,told nothing wrong with thyroid despite also having a multinodular goitre and TPO antibodies.I was discharged being told to check my levels annually.The last two years have had pressure throat,hoarseness,trouble with swallowing,eyelids swelling,losing hair,anaemia and battles with fatigue.

The past six months things got so much worse bouts of fatigue,carpal tunnel syndrome,feeling cold a lot,feeling dizzy and for me worst of all a weight gain of almost 2 1/2 stone in about three months.I feel so swollen and like the michelin woman.

I went back and got my bloods done.TSH now 6.My GP was very sympathetic and has prescribed me eltroxin 50mcg.

Has anyone had sucess with this,will things improve?.

I'm pleased to be getting some help at last but apprehensive too as getting to the right levels eems very daunting.

Any tips for this newbie??.Thanks.

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Eltroxin is in short supply. You might find this blog of use/interest:

You do need to take levothyroxine well away from food, drink (other than water), supplements and other medicines. All too many things interfere with absorption of levothyroxine.

You might also find reading this poll and the comments interesting:

Lots and lots of people have improved - some to the extent of almost forgetting they have a problem. But things do vary and that should not be taken as a promise.

I'd hope that you are no longer anaemic? "Simple" iron deficiency anaemia causes problems in handling thyroid hormones.

Suggest that, if you are not already sure, you get tested for vitamin B12, folates and vitamin D as well. Many GPs will do so - private tests are available if your GP won't and you can afford them.



Thank you for your reply Rod.My iron was tested too but is okay at present.I do have pernicious anaemia and get B12 injections which have helped.Must ask about vitamin D.Any improvement would be be a bonus at the moment.


HI Jenny

I can understand how you're feeling - I've been there too. My best advice for now is to be patient and take really good care of yourself. 50mcg is a small starter dose, and you are at the start of the process of regular blood tests and small increases in dose until you find the optimum for you. Sometimes you feel better and other times things seem to go backwards and you have to get yourself through it. These days I'm rather well and stable on 75mcg 3 days a week and 100mcg the other 4 days - it took about 18 months to get this right.. Vitamin D supplementing was a big turning point too - I take 1000iu each day and get out into sunshine whenever I can.

Good luck and very best wishes for a smooth recovery.



Thank you Mary for the kind reply also.I have to wait to start as I have yet another sinus infection and my GP advised me to wait until I finished my course of antibiotics.Hope then I will be on the road to recovery.


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