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T3 not availible

I have just been told that T3 is not availible due to a large amount being recalled. I was only given half my Prescription intially and when I went to collect the rest today I was told that the chemist had none. They are going to contact my GP tomorrow to ask for alternatives. I fear this will be more T4 which will mean I cannot function properly. I have three children, a full time job and elderly/sick in-laws. T3 at least gave me a fighting chance to cope with all this. Is this a nation wide problem and has anyone got any suggestions of alternatives to T4 that I can suggest to the GP given that most appear to be in the dark ages regarding thyroid treatment?


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There have been MANY blogs here over the past few weeks on this issue.

I have seen nothing to suggest that there has been a T3 recall. Amdipharm Mercury have simply said they have no active ingredient.

There is NO UK licensed alternative. Some people have been prescribed and received Henning Thybon from Germany.

The MHRA has published this information:

Liothyronine (Tertroxin) 20 microgram tablets - continuity of supply

What’s new

22 May 2013

There is a current interruption to supplies of Liothyronine 20 microgram tablets, manufactured by Amdipharm Mercury Company Ltd. This article gives further information and advice regarding:

Alternative arrangements for continuation of supply of Liothyronine 20 microgram tablets by prescribing unlicensed product imported from the EU.

Advice to patients who may have been prescribed alternative unlicensed Liothyronine products and their healthcare professionals.

Interruption in supply of UK licensed Liothyronine tablets

There is currently an interruption of supply of Liothyronine tablets from Amdipharm Mercury. We are working with the company and colleagues at the Department of Health to ensure supplies return to market as soon as possible and to facilitate the availability of alternative supplies in the interim. We have informed all healthcare professionals of the supply shortage and the potential need to prescribe unlicensed products. We have also advised that the interchangeability of Liothyronine tablets from Amdipharm Mercury with Liothyronine tablets that are not currently licensed in the UK cannot be guaranteed. For this reason, patients may need to see their GP for an early appointment should they notice a significant change in symptoms related to their hypothyroidism.

This is particularly important for the following groups of patients:

Pregnant women, throughout pregnancy but especially in the first trimester

Those with heart disease

Provision for supply of an unlicensed product

A provision exists within UK medicines legislation for the importation and supply of an unlicensed medicine to meet the special needs of individual patients. An example of what would be considered a special need would be where there is an interruption of supply of a patient’s usual medicine, and there is no alternative UK licensed product which that patient could take instead. The use of an unlicensed medicine is on the direct personal responsibility of the prescriber, hence the prescriber needs to know from the pharmacist that an unlicensed medicine is to be supplied. It would then be the pharmacy's responsibility to obtain the product from an authorised supplier of unlicensed medicines.

If a pharmacy is having difficulty in locating an authorised supplier then we would advise that they consult the trade press where such suppliers advertise their services. Should any pharmacist still be unable to locate an importer then they can contact the MHRA imports section on 020 3080 6715.

The cost of treatment

We have received several comments regarding the cost of treatment.

The MHRA is the UK Agency responsible for the regulation of medicines used in the UK. A medicine can only become licensed if an application is made for such a licence (usually by the manufacturer) and the Agency is only able to grant a licence after supporting data have been assessed to demonstrate its quality, safety and efficacy for the conditions it is intended to treat and to confirm that it has an acceptable balance of risk and benefit. The cost of the particular medicine cannot and does not feed into this assessment.

In our role as the medicines regulator we are not in a position to hold product licences ourselves or to solicit for new product licence applications. As a result, the only way which a Liothyronine product not currently licensed in the UK could obtain a licence would be for an application to be made to the Agency.

Patients seeking medical advice

The MHRA is unable to provide any clinical advice to individual patients. While one of the MHRA’s key roles is to advise doctors about the safe use of medicines, the prescribing of any medicine and the clinical care of a patient remains the responsibility of his or her doctor. The doctor is in the best position to decide on the type of treatment that is most appropriate for an individual patient given their clinical expertise and their knowledge of the patient’s medical condition. We therefore recommend that patients continue to discuss their treatment and any concerns they may have with their doctor.

If you have any other questions, please contact our Customer Services team either by email or by telephone on 020 3080 6000.



Thank you for this. I will ring my endo tomorrow and see what she suggests.


I have tried every source mentioned on this site, and come to a dead end each time. it seems there is no Liothyronine anywhere.

I spoke to my G.P. yesterday and asked him for an alternative, and the only option I have like you is to go back on Levo'. I mentioned that some people are able to get Henning Thybon from Germany, but my doctor said he couldn't give me a prescription for it. So.....I will probably try to get some on the internet as the last resort.


Some are importing Tetroxine from Oz which is what we used to have over here anyway.


Do you need a prescription for this?


I rang the manufacturer of T3 yesterday ..... you end up on an Indian call centre. They have told me that it is resolved and that supplies will be ready at the end of next week. This message is the same they gave someone else who rang a week ago (I read on another forum). So I am keeping my fingers crossed as I only have about 18 days worth left now.....


I have also posted blogs about the problem of supply of T3. This morning I have been told it will be September!! I also dread the thought of feling unwell again. I have rung consultant Doctor S, who is fantastic, however , he can do nothing about the supply. Thre GP refuses to prescribe un licenced products which in a way is a good thing as it is a safe guard.

There is someone on this site who got a supply from Greece!

I believe if we all go repeatedly to GP, Consultant just keep going we may have an affect.


Thank you for your replies. On the advice of the doctors surgery I have called 10 pharmacies in my town both independants and super markets this morning. Apart from the one-day supply at my pharmacy, which is now being kept for me, there is none to be had. Different pharmacies have also been given different advice to when the supply will resume varying from no date supplied, two and a half weeks to September 2013. I am still waiting for a call from the Endo, GP says if Endo hasnt got a supply then it's back on T4. It is very frightening to know that the day after tommorow I will begin to feel ill again and I will have to take union advice as it may well affect my ability to do my job properly. I rather think my life should now be soundtracked by some very slow violin music... off to do things whilst I still can.


Can you try to get some Armour which at least has some T3 in it?


See below the email sent in response to my enquiry. The Pharmacy have rung AAH who say they have not recieved supplies yet. A further email from the manufacturers states that it will be with suppliers by the end of the week. Breath holding is probaily not advisable.


Liothyronine Sodium 20mcg tablets

I am pleased to announce that Liothyronine Sodium 20mcg tablets is now available at the distributor for sales.






PIP Code

Liothyronine Sodium 20mcg Tablets




Please pass on to relevant individuals within your organization.

Liothyronine Sodium 20mcg Tablets is available through AAH and Alliance Healthcare.

For further information, please call 020 8588 9441 or email

Shruti Shetty

Customer Services Team Leader

Amdipharm Mercury (AMCo) Group

(a merger of the Amdipharm and Mercury Pharma companies)

UK: No.1 Croydon, 12-16 Addiscombe Road, Croydon CR0 0XT, United Kingdom

Ireland: 102, Block B, The Cresent, Northwood Santry, Dublin, Ireland

India: 101, Vedanta, 779 Makwana Road, Marol, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400059, India

Tel +44 (0) 208 588 9368

Fax (India) +44 (0) 870 887 7026

Email Web

P Please consider the environment before printing this email.

Disclaimer - This e-mail (including any attachments) contains information that is strictly confidential and may also be legally privileged. If you have received this e-mail in error, please delete it from your system without copying it and notify sender by reply e-mail, so that our records can be corrected.

Purchase Order System - Suppliers should note that confirmation of orders by any Mercury Pharma or Amdipharm entity will ONLY be given through a Purchase Order from that entity: see for more details.


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