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Fibromyalgia - Magnesium - Dr Carolyn Dean

This blog artice on Dr Carolyn Deans website - has also written a book called The Magnesium Miracle... sharing this as may be of some help to Fibro sufferers. (I use her Ionic Magnesium, it;s the only one that does not give me bowel issues)

Treating Fibromyalgia with Magnesium

Carolyn Dean MD ND | Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A review article in the CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) was directed at family doctors to help them diagnose and treat fibromyalgia and take it out of the specialty of Rheumatology.

The article states that fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that affects the central nervous system causing pain throughout the body. It is usually accompanied by fatigue, depression and sleep problems and affects mostly women. These multiple symptoms often go on for years without a proper diagnosis and treatment.

The authors recommend exercise, relaxation techniques and behavioral therapy along with medications for fatigue, depression pain and sleep problems. The main treatment goal is to improve quality of life by alleviating the most troublesome symptom(s), with pain recognized as the most common and serious.

When fibromyalgia first started appearing in the late 1980’s I recognized it in my patients who had yeast overgrowth and I saw that the successful treatment of yeast would help alleviate their symptoms. Then when I began to research magnesium and use that more liberally, I found that the combination of yeast treatment and magnesium would help most patients with fibromyalgia.

I write the following in my Future Health Now Encyclopedia.

“According to practitioners of natural medicine, fibromyalgia may be the painful endpoint after years of stress, trauma, immunizations, fatigue, infections, and a bad diet. … a lifetime of illness and medication can cause yeast overgrowth and lead to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. The toxins from viruses, yeast, parasites, and a bad diet invariably find their way to the joints and muscles in a large portion of the population. The painful result, according to classical Chinese medicine, is actually a protective mechanism in order to divert these pathogens away from your internal organs. Knowing this should be a wake-up call to reduce your various stressors. The result for some is arthritis, as it mostly affects the joints; for others, it culminates in fibromyalgia, which mostly affects the muscles.”

Treating widespread toxic inflammation caused by toxins from viruses, yeast, parasites a bad diet and drug with MORE drugs simply adds to the problem and all drugs drain the body of magnesium. Drug treatment of fibromyalgia makes no sense.

For effective treatment options go to the advice on the Yeast Connection Website and work to regulate the yeast in your body. And take magnesium, lots of it, in all forms. For guidance on magnesium intake, go to my Resources page under Recommended Supplements and google my name and magnesium. You can also download the eBook or Kindle version of Future Health Now Encyclopedia and get the print or Kindle version of The Magnesium Miracle to learn much more. The Facebook page, Magnesium Advocacy Group is a private forum where people share their experiences and ask questions about magnesium.


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I am not disputing the findings of Dr Dean regarding the importance of magnesium but it is confusing. Having had fibromyalgia for many years I have followed different advice in my search for answers, for instance: Dr Lowe states it is caused by one's thyroid being poorly medicated; Dr Morrison states it is caused by oxalates and recommends a very low oxalate diet; Nora Wickerson a specialist states it is caused by Hypoglycaemia and no doubt there are other opinions that I am unaware of.

I endeavour to follow a healthy diet i.e. organic meat/fish/vegetables/salads/nuts/goats milk/organic oats along with my thyroxine and some supplemental vitamins which I do believe helps, especially when I compare myself with some fibromyalgia sufferers who unfortunately have resorted to sticks and wheelchairs, but even so I am still in pain, in particular my joints and muscles. When I rest I am sore and stiff upon arising, when I exercise I pay for it afterwards.

One is left wondering what to believe....


Sorry you are not finding the solution :( I don't pretend to know what it must be like but it seems to be a very complex condition and I suspect there are many causes with magnesium only being a part of the solution. I hope you do find the solution that works for you. In the meantime hopefully this will help someone with fibromyalgia, even if it just makes the condition less painful and easier for them to manage.

I really do hope you find the answers soon. I count myself very lucky that, although I have been very ill, I do not have fibromyalgia.

(((Very gentle hugs)))

Carolyn x


Thank you for your kind words Carolyn much appreciated x


I'm sure we have lots of toxins, a healthy person had a blood test for this and they found 43 different forms of pcb's in their bloodstream. I think the modern world has handed us a bunch of chemicals which our bodies are not built to use in any way, shape or form. I think inflammation is then the result for some of it. Magnesum may help with the acidity issue, another problem which results in cancer. It seems futile and in many ways, it is.


This is really interesting. Magnesium has helped me, although I don't have fibromyalgia (luckily!) It helped with my general pain and insomnia. It also helped with menstrual cramps, which were bad enough to stop me being able to do the things I'd normally do. It also seemed to help with my arrhythmia but that was helped even more by switching to NDT.

I know fibromyalgia is very complicated but hopefully this information will be one of the missing pieces for someone with the condition.

Carolyn x


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