Blood tests after introducing t3

Hi and a Happy New Year !! Just a quick question I've been on Combo 75 Levo and 10mcg once a day since 15th Nov due to see Endo again in middle of Feb do I have to get blood test done by my check after 6 weeks? Or do I just wait till my appointment date 20th Feb when Endo has asked for Tft4 and a UE Electrolytes test only before I see him

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  • I'd get a blood test after six weeks. Post for comments on a new question, the results and ranges. When I had Hospital Endo visit, they also took bloods if necessary and phoned me at home to increase/decrease.

  • OK Shaws wasn't sure when to go been 6 weeks now thought I had to wait till nearer Feb appointment.. Thank you

  • Momo1948,

    My endos issue blood forms for the tests they want ordered.

  • Hi Clutter I've got a form for the above test i was given the form after I saw my Endo when he prescribed t3 just didn't know when I had to go for the them.?. thought it was a week before I see him in Feb it's just six weeks now I've been on the t3 to combo

  • Momo1948,

    1 week before your consultation should be sufficient for FT4 and U&E.

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