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Need a good multi-vit with chromium, k2, lycopene, folic acid, strontium, boron. Must be high quality and gluten free


I have absorption issues from coeliac and achlorydia, so despite taking supps for years still have deficiencies and osteopenia as a result.

I already take so many things, i'm looking for 1 high quality tab that contains all the above as these are specifically needed to help reduce further bone density.

I think i asked a similar question once before and came up empty handed

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Sorry can't help - if I take any I take them separately to get the dose I need. I also find I need to send to America to get the best kinds - high absorption etc, and in a format I prefer. Hope someone else has more info,

Best wishes


Just had a thought - as the search function is not working, try going down to the lower right of this page to 'Popular tags in questions', and click on 'see more tags', then click on vitamins - maybe there will be a similar question that will help.

This doesn't have everything but you can peruse all the kinds they carry on this website.

Do you know for a fact, that any company makes it?


If you have low or zero stomach acid, then you need Hydrochloric acid to up the absorption of everything, your food and supplements both! Probably best to tackle the problem at source rather than just "overdose" on supplements in the hope of getting the right amount.


My partner takes around 3/4 capsules (or more depending on what food) at every meal to properly digest food for this reason, but you need to does individually.

I find these usually the cheapest, (for the strength) but the company are not the most reliable!

Multivitamins are generally useless, you need to take separate supplements for those things you need to supplement, to hit the right targets, most multivitamins are just low level products for those without specific deficiencies.

As for lycopene, I use this, but don't supplement, I just eat cooked (canned) tomatoes with a little olive oil to aid absorption - I do this as part of a regime to reduce a slightly enlarged Prostate, I eat a whole can of chopped tomatoes per day, and eat them rather like a soup, add garlic/seasoning for an Italian taste if you like, or have with pasta if you eat a lot of carbs (I don't), although that doesn't' sound wise with Ceoliac!

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