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Relevant History vs Current Experience

In past, taking 400mg Nutrie Adrenal and Adrenal level optimal.

TSH/FT4 normal, but low FT3 and elevated RT3. So added Nutrie Thyroid which suppressed TSH + FT4, FT3 increase negligable. Saliva Cortisol took a

dive to "flat lined".

Cortisol Serum built up to toxic. Stopped taking Nutrie Thyroid and Cortisol returned to high in range. WHY & WHAT HAPPENED? Why would suppression of TSH + FT4 have negative impact on Cortisol?

Any thoughts


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Hi If I am understanding correctly your cortisol went down when the thyroid did? This is logical as normally thyroid is got to the right levels, then cortisol, adrenal glands are tested again, if still low it is then treated. This is because often if thyroid right, the adrenal glands recover on their own. If levels are still altering up and down, it is possible that you have Graves. Are you seeing a good Endo? Also the other autoimmune hormonal diseases need testing. An endo does that and looks after everything. It maybe that.

I hope that helps.



Would anything here help?


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