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Writing letter to GP, so requesting a little help with test results

Hi again :)

I'm writing another letter to my GP (which I will ask him to forward to the last endo I saw) and was wondering if someone could just clarify something for me so that I can quote you (anonymously, don't worry) to him to support my point. My health has continued failing since I last regularly posted here six months ago, and I simply cannot afford to keep paying for tests privately. I need to get him to agree to further investigation as to the cause of my persisting illnesses, but he is disinclined to listen to me. My theory is that, if I have quotes directly from people who have spoken to me, he'll be more inclined to take me seriously (well, it's worth a try at least).

According to a link from Heloise my symptoms concur with with adrenal fatigue, estrogen dominance and perhaps hypopituitary-induced hypothyroidism (but my temperature doesn't fit the criteria). Going by the link, they do NOT, contrary to what my GP says, concur with "poorly effective thyroid hormone". I have PCOS, which is speculated to be linked to estrogen dominance. My ALDOSTERONE (EDIT: I previously said renin. I had a renin+aldosterone test and got the results mixed up) tested privately is also below normal. I've also had adrenals done by another private lab (one of the recommended ones in uk thyroid forums) and yes they range from low when I get up to rock bottom before I go to bed, but the GP refuses to take them or my aldosterone levels into consideration. He also refuses to test me for hypopituitary.

My latest test bloods read TSH 0.77 and T4 12. They have been falling steadily for over a year now. At the time of those tests I was on 75mcg Levothyroxine daily (I take 3/4 of a pill). I'm still taking that same dosage and and since yesterday have started on my internet purchased Cynomel. Thus, the question is what do you make of these results? Would you say my conclusions are correct at all?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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That is so asinine that doctors will not even take test results into consideration. Is it possible when your last endo sees them, he/she will advise as to what to do. Your adrenals are obviously off. What more does he need besides your symptoms that fit.

Would you consider using natural progesterone cream? If you look at Dr. Rind's remarks about the adrenals stealing progesterone to make cortisol, it may help. I hope your T3 helps as well. How much are you going to two doses?

Other people have taken Dr. Toft's book with them to their Endos. I haven't read it but you could inquire which parts of it may apply to you in particular.

Some people are taking steps as you are and seem to be doing well.


Thank you Heloise :)

The last endo I saw dismissed my adrenal concerns (he didn't seem to believe in the thyroid-adrenal link), but I'm putting money aside to see him again soon and will try yet again to convince him to listen. My GP currently won't refer me to any NHS endos as he thinks I'm wasting everyone's time, so I have no choice but to go private.

I've actually got some progesterone pills which I bought on the recommendation of people in PCOS forums. However, just like the Cynomel (which sat in my cupboard for months before I started taking it) the bottle has so far gone unopened.

Yes, I take half a pill every 12 hours. I'm dosing myself 12.5mcg in the morning with my Levo, then 12.5mcg in the evening. Thus far I'm not feeling any better tbh - constant sore throat and headache, dizziness is worse - but I am one of those people who mostly always experiences side effects, so it may just be that.

My GP and endo (well, the current endo and the one I saw last year) are familiar with STTM, thanks to me ;) They all dismiss the entire site, of course, misinterpreting it as scaremongering.


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