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Anyone could tell me in private something about dr. callebout?

Hi everyone!

I'm choosing a private doctor to see for my Hashimoto disease as I'm not feeling well with 125mg of levothyroxine.. I also started to have a bad acne on my chin, I'm 26 and I've always had a perfect skin! Since I've increased the dose from 100 to 125, I started to have this reaction and, of course, I feel tired, depressed, etc.

I want to see a private doctor as GPS haven't been very helpful but just frustrated me.

I was thinking about dr. callebout, anyone had visited him?

I'll be very happy if you could write me in private talking about your experiences.

I'm sure now I have to change medication and, hopefully, finally trying the natural thyroid armour.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Lore

I hope that you got some answers on this.




Hi, I'm thinking of going to him. Did you ever go? Did you have a good experience? If not, could you recommend another doctor to me? Thank you!



This post is over 2 years old so it is unlikely that you will receive a positive response. I have answered your new post.



Carolyn, did you ever get a response? I am thinking of seeing him too and wondered about it. Please could you message me if you have any info! Thanks :-)


Hi Carolyn, Jaqueline,

Did you see Dr Callebout? Would you recommend him? Please could you share your experience with me privately, would hugely appreciate it as I am also considering too see him for hypothyroidism!


Hi it's a late reply but we saw him and he is very good. He uses alternative medicine and can also run along side conventional treatment too. His theory is very logical and not over Ines head. Price wise is only 200 pounds for a 1hr diagnosis and he follows up with emails with a specialised plan in whatever he is treating. I was there for over 2hrs and wasn't charged extra so there is no monetary gain. 'Makes you think about the big pharma'. He was recently attacked and hit over the head in an attack which left him paralysed down right side but he still continues. I never asked why, but I do know he has worked with dr brad street (GC Math \ Autism) who was supposedly committed suicide??

Check link below. Anyway Etteine is highly recommended by me.


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