Anyone could tell me in private something about dr. callebout?

Hi everyone!

I'm choosing a private doctor to see for my Hashimoto disease as I'm not feeling well with 125mg of levothyroxine.. I also started to have a bad acne on my chin, I'm 26 and I've always had a perfect skin! Since I've increased the dose from 100 to 125, I started to have this reaction and, of course, I feel tired, depressed, etc.

I want to see a private doctor as GPS haven't been very helpful but just frustrated me.

I was thinking about dr. callebout, anyone had visited him?

I'll be very happy if you could write me in private talking about your experiences.

I'm sure now I have to change medication and, hopefully, finally trying the natural thyroid armour.

Thanks in advance!


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  • Hi Lore

    I hope that you got some answers on this.



  • Hi, I'm thinking of going to him. Did you ever go? Did you have a good experience? If not, could you recommend another doctor to me? Thank you!

  • carolyn,

    This post is over 2 years old so it is unlikely that you will receive a positive response. I have answered your new post.


  • Carolyn, did you ever get a response? I am thinking of seeing him too and wondered about it. Please could you message me if you have any info! Thanks :-)

  • Hi Carolyn, Jaqueline,

    Did you see Dr Callebout? Would you recommend him? Please could you share your experience with me privately, would hugely appreciate it as I am also considering too see him for hypothyroidism!

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