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has anyone had a thyroid multi nodule goiter removed, could you please tell me of your experience

i have been hypo for 15 years take 150 mlg med daily . i have had the goiter ultrasound and the dr. said i'm full of lumps and bumps . i've known about this goiter for about 10 years and never did it give me any symptoms but now i have pain and discomfort and i'm waiting to get into see the endo.In all the years i've had this never had a fine needle aspiration done, would like to talk to someone who has been through this . Thanks to all ,

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Does a single nodule removed count?

I was having hyper symptoms like anxiety, palps (what I know now) and was sent for a scan, then a fine needle aspiration (FNA) which identified a dodgy nodule and sent for an op - definitely better after I had nodule & half Thryoid removed but now have hypo symptoms, but no treatment as the other half is still compensating since 2 1/2 years.

As you have pain & discomfort you really should be offered a FNA, and any trouble breathing they should offer an op, but hopefully they wouldn't do a total one. Sometimes correct meds can reduce 'lumps & bumps' - so folks say anyway, but you must insist on getting it checked out asap.

Jane :D


Yes I had mine taken out 2 weeks ago today. I'm trying to post the links of my blog and questions as right now I'm on my iPhone and no time to re type it all. I had mine for 9 years before it was removed.

Hope the links work


I had a thyroidectomy nearly 2 years ago, for a multinodular goiter had lots of scans and then the operation to remove my thyroid. Operation was fine, I woke up after the op feeling really good. 2 years on still struggling to get the correct medication. Got prescription today for T3 (did have this last year, until taken off it by an endocrine doctor.) Back on it today.



why did you have the goiter removed? what problems was it causing you? thanks


Another link to my questions before I had the op.

I had many fine needle aspirations- the best I had were done with ultrasound - I opted not to have local anaesthetic and it was painful like having blood taken. Each needle has to go in and be "rocked " 3 times to pick up enough cells. I was really lucky to have a great radiographer do the last one- he took 3 samples of one of my biggest nodules.

Over the years I've had FNA done without ultrasound and had the results come back as inconclusive because they hadn't picked up enough cells or had them contaminated with blood.

Afterwards I had slight bruising and a sore neck for 2 days.

I personally would not worry too much about the FNA but then pain is a very individual thing. You can always ask for local anaesthetic.

Lucky for me my results were benign.

I'll try to post more later when I have more time.

Hope this helps


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