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Could anyone help me?

Hi everyone I'm 22 years old and just had my thyroid blood test. My GP says I have a slightly overactive thyroid and of course even though she says it's only just slightly I got very worried as I'm usually quite an anxious person as you can see from my other posts. The GP insisted that I would not need to be medicated in her opinion but has referred me to a endo who will give me the best advice. When I did my own research grave disease and hashimoto came up and I wanted to know so I have any of these?

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Please anyone?


I am not sure why your doctor said you are hyperactive. You have an Autoimune Thyroid Disease called hashimoto's. Hashi's is diagnosed when you have high thyroid antibodies and I will give you a link which will explain in more detail.

The antibodies attack your thyroid gland until you are hypothyroid and will need to take thyroid hormones for life. We can get serious illnesses if we don't have sufficient thyroid hormone replacements.

Going gluten-free can help reduce the antibodies and the attack on your gland.



Always get your blood tests at the very earliest appointment as TSH is highest then and doctors only look at the TSH usually.

Also don't take levothyroxine until after the blood test as it would skew the results.

Allow a gap of 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test and take afterwards.

Always get a print-out of your results with the ranges for your own records and so that members can comment if you wish

GP should check Vitamin B12, .Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate..


Shaws sorry I don't mean to be rude I'm more worried more than anything actually. Someone has said I have grave disease are you positive I have Hashimoto? More people have said hashimoto this lady is the first person who says Graves' disease but I'm just wondering how she could of got that


You are not rude - you are worried. Put up a Fresh Post for more responses as your post will not have been seen by many as it is six days old..

I am not medically qualified but you could be hyperthyroid and I don't know anything about it as I'm hypo. If hyperthyroid your doctor should have either diagnosed/prescribed or sent you to an Endocrinologist.

However, anxiety is also a clinical symptom of both hypo and hyper.

I will give below a link of hyperthyroidism.


Also I'm going to put up another post re Adrenal Fatigue and sign up to listen to this. Details should be within the link.

I remained undiagnosed for years and I had severe hypothyroidism but not one doctors/specialist took a blood test for hypo.


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By the look of the results. I am inclined to agree with GP your T4 is slightly over the range and Tsh slightly low. Lots of people would be fine with these results and would experiance no problems but I wonder if this might explain your anxiety levels being a bit raised. Do you have a choose and book system for hospital appointments if so it maybe worth getting a list of the endos you might be able to chose from and post thier names so people can pm you with thier opinions and experiances of the different doctors. Endos are a funny lot. It would also be good to write a list of symptoms. Also have a look at some of the hyperthyroid posts to see if you relate to symptoms. Have you lost weight?

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Hi Mandy I finally managed to control my anxiety levels for a few months but since finding out about my thyroid problems I have now become very anxious again because I have no idea what it is. Little research I've done on the internet has shown me hashimotos is a bad thing and I can get other auto immune diseases which I now fear for. I'm not sure if I get to chose the list of the endos but is there anyone you suggest for me? Also no I am not losing weight I've been 10 stones and have not changed


I have just had another look and it does appear that antibodies are raised which could mean hashis but it does not seem that you have any glaring symptoms and for some reason you T4 and tsh indicate hyper rather than hypo. There is a list of recommended endos that you can get by emailing. Thyroid Uk has a website with info on how to get list. I only know one I would recommend but that would be private and in Bristol. In our area you get sent a letter and are asked to book an appointment. You then can do some reasearch on the doctors available in a department and get a list of names.


Why is it strange that my t4 and TSH indicate hyper ranger than hypo is that anything to worry about? I don't know the difference between hyper and hypo inbred to do some research. Who would you recommend? I wouldn't mind going private at all I've heard of so many bad experiences from people I don't want to risk it


Very much Hashis ,agree with Shaws. What is missing is a test for FT3 which is the active hormone every cell needs ,but the NHS mostly ignore it.

I take it you are not on Levothyroxine?

May be worth having a suite of tests including B12,D3, ferritin and folate privately by Blue Horizon or Medichecks.The latter do offers on Thursdays.


That's probably bevcause she is having a hashis flare when the dying thyroid dumps hormone into the blood steam. When that is over, she'll be more hypo as there'll be less thyroid to produce hormones. I think her GP is right to say no meds, but shoudl have pointed out that she'll need levo in the future. A gluten-free diet would probably help. Anxiety is a symptom of both hypo and hyper.

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Hi there try not to stress i was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in july and i am on carbimazole which is trying to contol it but found out 2 months ago i now have hashimotos and being tested for graves, i have been off work for 2 months now as i do feel poorly and the hashis does seem to complicate matters, thyroid problems are not a quick fix and the thyroid has to be finely tuned to suit you that can take several months. Doc originally put me on beta blockers fir a short while to calm the heart down and other symptons but i could not take them for long so gp had to start me off on carbimazole until i saw endo 2 months later. Carbimazole does take a long time to work and took me 6 weeks until i noticed a slight difference. Good luck and dont worry as this seems to make hyper symptons worse.x😊


I'm really trying not to but I'm only 22 and I feel like I shouldn't have to deal with these problems everyone else my age doesn't and before all this I had high anxiety and lots of the symptoms indicated thyroid problems but the GP missed this and told me I am a hypochondriac, I just knew something was wrong so I begged and begged for them to do a thyroid blood test and I was right. I'm glad I listened to my body and I almost accepted my body was doing this because I was anxious and finally had a somewhat normal life now I have another battle to fight.


Yes i understand and know how you feel and its very annoying when you knew there was something not right and the gps dismiss it and you end up doing your own research!! I done the same, fobbed of by the medical profession so many times and like you- mine turned out to be hyperthyroid but i have hashimotos. I am taking carbimazole but on a titration dose now which i feel awful on. What meds are you taking? Are you feeling any easier now as medication can take 4-6 weeks for slight improvement to be felt. You see i have hashimotos and thought doc and endo would start me on thyroxine but they said no you are hyper. 😊


I would agree with shaws that your results don't really seem to indicate hyper. You could actually being having a hashi flare. This is when antibodies attack your thyroid. This results in thyroid hormone from the dead cells being dumped in your blood giving the appearance and the feeling of being overactive but this is only a temporary state and normal underactive symptoms tend to come back


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