Tsh 0.01 T3 5.10 Doctor said I need specialist. what do the numbers indicate????

I have been reading your blogs for sometime now and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 62 years ago at the age of 16, I was put on Armour thyroid at this time and am still on it at 120 mg per day, I take it in the middle of the night as I was told not to take it 4 hrs before or after having anything with calcium. My new blood work came back T3 5.10 tsh 0.01. Doctor called and said I needed a specialist. What does this reading actually indicate?

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  • It means that you are. well medicated, the tsh is producing virtually nothing e cause it doesn't need to, and the t3 is at a decent level.


    Your doctor has probably freaked out at the low tsh and decided you are over medicated. If you feel well, don't allow anyone to change your meds. Stick to your guns.

    Good luck!

    Xx. G

  • Thank you so much. One of my worries about changing Doctors is that they we really mess me up. Probably a Ts4 test would complete the overlook. I can probably get them to prescribe one. I am talking to a naturalist today, he is very knowledgeable also. Armour has done me well over the years and it will take a team of horses to get me to give it up. He took it away from me once three weeks before back fusion and I couldn't even hold my head up. Someone took me back to the GP and he yelled I was depressed and I said i wasn't and he yelled it again and said , take this antidepressant, I took 1/2 and fell after the first hour. He finally gave me back the Armour little by little. Doctors and there medicine are scary . Thank you so much. Dotty

  • Agree with Galathea. My TSH is 0.01 and am fine. NDT's are more synergistic with the human body rather than synthetics.

    The patient knows better in this case certainly when you have done well so long.

    This is an excerpt:-

    The TSH level is not well synchronized with the tissue metabolic rate. (Probably most doctors falsely assume that studies have shown that the TSH and metabolic rate are synchronized. But despite my diligently searching for years for such studies, I’ve yet to find them.) Adjusting the T4 dose by the TSH level is like adjusting the speed of your car by a speedometer that's out of synchrony with the actual speed of the car. Adjusting the speed of a car by an out-of-sync speedometer, of course, will get the driver into trouble—either with other drivers who'll object to the car traveling too slowly, or with a police officer who'll object to the car going too fast. And adjusting the thyroid hormone dose by the TSH level gets most patients in trouble—almost always because their tissue metabolism is so slow that they are sick


  • The link you sent me is very helpful and I appreciate your time. Thank you. Dotty

  • Hi Most GP`s and some Endo`s do not like low tSH. Armour, is known to suppress it, one reason it is not generally liked.Also given T4 and t3 separately dow make them both more controllable. What is your T4? You always need ranges with any blood tests, as most different at different Labs.If your FT3 range is the same as most labs I use, that is perfect. .but you cannot judge without the T4. Did you try treatment with T4 and T3? Before the Armour. That is most Endo `s preference. Any T3 does suppress the tSH, but I am told not as much as armour. I have to have armour as allergic to T4 ( Levo) but now i have T3 as well, since it was available. This meant I was able to reduce my Armour to 2 grains ( from 5). I still have immeasurable tSH but I am much better oln it. We now know I was overdosed on the 7 grains and it caused a lot of long term problems. That was from a private doctor and it all changed when I saw my Endo.Also did you have a blood test before each armour rise? that is what you should do with any rise in thyroid meds.

    I hope that helps. The important thing is if seeing an Endo, it is one that you have picked by careful research, not the GP.

    I hope that helps.

    Bes wishes,


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  • The GP did not give me a reference to an Endo and I have never been given anything except a Tsh and I requested the T3 test. I have always been cold and have dry skin, hair , eyes mouth, lack energy,hbp etc. and all have gotten worse the last few years. The GP is not knowledgeable about thyroid evidently. I have enough prescriptions of he Armour for 6 months. I cannot find an Endo within a 100 miles. I appreciate your help. Dotty

  • Hi I would start with getting the TSH, T4 and Free T3 on line if possible. I use Blue Horizon, or their main site, www. thyroiduk.org uk/tuk/te Quote TUK for a £10 discount.venous bloods or finger prick. No doc involved except their Harley St Doc looks at all results and lets you know if any thing major. Results in a few days on line. Show them to GO and see if that helps. Doctors in general, especially GP`s are very ignorant about thyroid just because it is common they think they know! Then if GP not giving you the correct treatment, often T4 ( levo ) and T3, the bloods should be better, T4 top third of range and FT3 near the top, usually and more importantly if you do nort feel better, then ask for a referral, but you need to pick one, not GP`s choice and know all about them to be sure listen well and good.

    I do have a briliant Endo live in W. Midlands. Do not know where you are However, if any use to you send me a PM ( click on my name) and I will send you details, details not allowed on open site. Louise has a list of a few NHS, I go privately . not expensive, consultants tell GP what to do , tests and treatment If you wish.

    Sorry mad rush, waiting for ac onsultant to phone and to admit me to hospital, ugh! Will get back to any e mail when I can., depends what I am told to do!.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi, Good luck with the hospital, hope not serious. I live in the USA in the state of Indiana. I cannot get the level of knowledge here as in the UK. I feel the UK is far ahead in medicine practices. Thank you for your help and any and all suggestions are welcome. Dotty

  • I can see your problem, Some people from USA do get the right treatment ,may be put a question on TUK and ask specifically It would be replied by PM.. I do know some fly here to see a doc, bit ridiculous, I think a hunt is a must for you. As Forest USA make armour, there surely must be some reasonable Endo`s around?

    Best wishes,


  • Haven't found an Endo in my locality. i think I need to get another Tsh profile with T 3 and T 4 and after fasting and no meds. I suggested this to the GP after he said Siynthroid. I told them it didn't agree with me and I couldn't take it. Haven't heard back. Can I get an Email address for TUK? Thank you for your help and any other input is gratefully accepted. Dotty

  • What long term problems did you have from being over medicated on natural thyroid? I know there is a risk of bone thinning with too high t3, but what else happened?

  • Hi Not sure if this was addressed to me, but if so. Here goes. ,long term problems from overdose were heart related. I do have severe Osteoporosis but body a wreck any way, so could not say if down to T3 we I always have go by T 4 and FT3 and how I feel as, TSH always been immeasurable. Been stable many years on 2 to 2.5 armour and 20mcg T3. FT3 near top of range, higher I know in general can cause uneven heart beat etc. I need mine like for my thyroid ( Hashimoto) to feel well. I have enlarged and thyroid nodules too.In my rush above I put 5 armour, I was on & in the end.My Cardio was horrified and made me see an Endo, she immediately found 4 related problems. This was years ago before info, WEB, TUK or bloods other than through a doc.I was told that my treatment caused serious hear problems, I had my first 2 arrest on this treatment However, I do not think it is as simple as that. My Endo, who does not go on bloods alone and very knowledgeable does get very worried if FT3 goes to high, T4 never does.I have frequent tests for this reason.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Jackie, thanks, it was addressed to you.... Interesting about the heart problems, did your heart go much too fast all the time that you were on too much armour then?

    It seems that thryoid problems can mess up the heart if you are over treated, or..under treated....

    Considering the general outcry against using armour or any other NdT, is that the ratio of T3 to T4 is too high, I am surprised that they are keeping you on both armour and T3.....

    Oh well, so long as you feel ok on it, then thats fine... we are all different!



  • Hi, Not as simple as that , it made my AF, ( an arrythmia,) very bad, it is an abnormal heart beat, high and low, although, yes it did make my heart mostly high. It was because of no tests, all much too high. I was on 7 armour,I also had an arrests on that, however, as heart a wreck ,I never totally accepted it was the treatment, I do not think it is that simple Now I see a brilliant Endo, have for a while,Cardio insisted . Also that I never go over range, and just have enough treatment to feel OK. I take 2 to 2.5 armour ( allergic to Levo) and 20mcg T3, we always keep them in range. Always had immeasurable TSH, I am actually really complex. However, the fact remains with out frequent bloods including FT3 and rises in meds only after blood results, it is dangerous.. and I believe that for every one as powerful drugs, especially as you hint T3.Yes you are right about under treatment too. The only thing OK for me is now my thyroid! i just try and help other people to do,better, in spite of some docs!

    Best wishes,


  • I have no problems from being on 120 mg. of Armour. I am still cold, thinning hair, thin fine hair, dry skin, dry mouth, dry eye, constipation without taking combination herbs and psyllium hull and tired. I do not believe I am overly medicated. the reading of Tsh 0-01 and T 3 reading of 5.6 got him all upset, He has been adverse to giving thyroid meds . I think I already related to you that I requested another test after a fast and no med and the Tsh test with the T 3 and T 4. Have not received an answer yet from him. Thank you and appreciate any input you may have. Dotty

  • Have you felt well during these 62 years? Please don't let them reduce your Armour or change it to thyroxine(T4) before you chosen a good endo. If the Dr is worried about damage and side effects you should have investigations to check e.g. Dexa scan for bone density and investigations for heart. Jackie (above) is very knowledgeable about this. This forum will be able to support and guide you as it has helped me a lot

    Good luck


  • Thank you for replying. I have done well the 78 years, but have been cold, dry skin thin dry hair, dry mouth, dry eye HBP , lack of energy and all has gotten worse the last few year. I take many organic vitamins, minerals, fermented skate oil, eat organic food when possible, eat hormone free meat and grass fed when possible. I have prescriptions for Armour for 6 months. Is the T3 reading good or bad? I requested it, in all of these years I had only been given the Tsh test I wish I had requested the T4 also. My GP is not good with thyroid evidently. I cannot find an Endo within a 100 miles and how can I tell if they are any good?

  • How much armour do you take?

  • 120 mg. per day. I take it all at once as I have been told not to take it within 4 hrs either way of calcium. This last last was taken without fasting, could that make a difference? Always before I had fasted, as I was having other tests. Thank you, Dotty

  • Hi Not sure which one I was to answer. Still did not put, at that time I was on 7 and no T3, it did not exist then.My FT3 originally was below range.


  • My endo is happy with me being 0.5 - 1.0 TSH, that's where I feel best, you'll know where you feel best - depends on how you feel - GP freaked when I was at 0.03 as it puts your body into being hyperthyroid and potential for complications that can bring - I take 100mcg one day and alternate with 75mcg the next day etc in one go first thing in the morning (GP finds it weird as it's not same dose every day, but you have to find what works for you and amend it according to how you feel) on empty stomach with glass of water - vitamins, iron and fish oil after dinner in the evening to ensure enough of a gap, best wishes

  • My tsh is evidently pretty low and that is why he freaked, the T 3 was 5.6 and I am having my T 4 checked. I have always done a fast before testing. This time they said it wasn't necessary, I am wondering if I should fast and just get another panel done?

  • You should Never take your meds before a test, it gives a false high as it peaks in the blood a couple of hours after taking it. The low tsh is not indicative of hyperthyroid on its own, but coupled with over range t3 it could be.

    I have had a tsh of 0.02 for many years but am certainly not hyperthyroid and I have no bone thinning issues because free t3 is kept in range......

  • Thank you so much. I was in the office to renew my blood pressure medications and they ask me to get the thyroid profile. I had taken the Armour thyroid and had eaten, they said no difference. I have always taken the test after fasting and no meds. She called this morning and wants me to take synthroid, I told her I couldn't take it, and ask if I could do a new test with fasting and add the T3 and T4, waiting for a reply. Thank you for any input. Dotty

  • As I have aged late 60s, all my problems GP puts down to natural ageing process, and will not increase my dosage of Levothyroxine from 50 mcg. Last TSH was 4.8 and 2 years ago. Always had the test on an empty stomach as Cholesterol was taken too.

    I do have a rapid pulse and more Thyroxine can increase that.

  • `I do not have a rapid pulse, I just have the normal symptoms and was put on Armour at 16 yrs. , am now 78, have taken for 62 yrs and because of this one reading want to put me on Synthroid and that is like having nothing for me. I am trying to let me have another test after fasting and adding the T 3 and T4 test to the Ths test, no answer yet, these GP's here in the states and even the Endos do not like the natural stuff. I have one hope in Mi. a good long way from me in Indiana , but will have to make the trip if I cannot get it through the GP's brain. Thank you for your inerest

  • In UK we have only Levothyroxine. Endos see only the HYPER which is more serious and I had in my 20s. Took 4 years before they decided I should have the partial op, which worked until I was 51, when I became slightly underactive, although at the time I noticed no symptoms.

    Good luck

  • Twinkles, we have Liothyronine (t3) which is prescribed by doctors and we have natural thyroid, which is more difficult to obtain, but which can be prescribed by doctors too. Has your doctor been telling you lies and saying there is only levothyroxine?

  • Lou, Can you not import your own thyroid meds from another country?


  • I am on Armour 165mg and my TSH is < 0.02 with above mid-range fT4 and top of the range fT3 - I feel well at this level and have no symptoms of hyper. As you still have symptoms, it sounds to me as though you need an INCREASE rather than a decrease/change to thyroxine. xx

  • Do not know if this was meant for me or not. The email came in as from Galathia, but , it is from clarebear, so sorry if this reply is not correctly sent. I am going to get another thyroid test with T3 and T4 in the morning after a fast, like I normally do and see what those readings are. I am still very hypo, cold. dry everything, tired, my before rising temps range from 94-96. Thanks to all of you for your input, any help is appreciated. Dotty

  • Hi - yes my reply was for you. It will be interesting to see your new results :) xx

  • Probably won't get a new test for a couple of weeks. My blood pressure has come down nicely with getting 1/2 meds and taking Angstrom liquid magnesium. I had it down so low the Dr. had to cut my meds and they are so harmful to the system I am glad to get rid of 1/2, now I will shoot for 0. I am anxious to get a new reading and if it is still messed up, will get a cortisol test. Thank you for your interest. Dotty

  • In UK it has not been through the necessary 'tests' to be allowed.

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