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communication help needed at hospital appt. how/where from?!

Asked Drs. surgery-they said try hosp., not got through yet...

Has anyone else managed to get this help before, how?

Need help to take in what Dr. says, answer and get thro' list (without diversions from Dr. or self! taking me off the point).

Would appreciate prayer... 'cos of brain fog (+ other long-term brain difficulty (intelligent but slow.! in expressing self and taking in what said, responding, remembering etc.....!) and that dr. would listen

have manage to get hosp. transport-but can't other help yet!

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If you ask the endo may agree for you to record the appointment. Some mobiles have the facility to record.



Could you take a friend with you? xx


I have the same problem . contact the red cross in your area they may have someone available that could take notes for you, but there will be a cost.


forgot to say also ask the consultant to send you a copy of the report that he sends to the GP.


Hi, If you either phone your local Council, or look on their website to see if they run an 'Advocacy Service' in your local area, most do.

They will then help you as they have lots of volunteers that accompany people to hospitals, solictors etc., who are vunerable because of physical or mental health problems.

Hope this is helpful and good luck xx


thank you, Boo, I will try that,


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