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Dont understand my result


Ihave just received my blood results today which were 0.47 i take 75mg thyroxine daily and to get blood checked again in 3 months rather than the usual yearly check also waiting for an ultra sound scan on thyriod and lymph glands as the lymph glands are occasionally very painful but no signs of infection,i have been very tired recently flacky nails and awful hot flushes due to the menopause.Can anyone help me understand this and my result of 0.47

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Hi, The tSh ,I think is slightly low, but on it`s own not really significant. You need to also have the basic tests which are ,TSH, T4 and Free T3. Just doing TSH is all about costs and the new policy, not a lot of use. You can get them on line through the sit, then show a doc for treatment. make sure it is a well known Lab, I use Blue horizon, thyroid site or main site, quote TUK 10 for £10 discount. There are venous or finger prick, both very good indeed.360 to £70 Very easy ,results online to you with ranges. You must always ask for ranges and a print out, receptionist or consultants secretary for any blood tests. keep them.Thyroid disease very common after the menopause as they like other things are hormonal. Try and get the gP to push the scan forward, or phone the appointments and ask if you can have a late cancellation, usually lots. A good test.

Best wishes,


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Hi your TSH is too low and bordering on hyper levels which would suggest overmedication.

You really do need T3 and T4. Hot flushes are common to being hyper although women in their 40s are always told its the menopause. Usually this is not the case. The average age of the menopause is 51.

Do get checked out. All the best.

Hi if .47 is your tsh result then it could go lower if you are still tired and with the other symptoms. I would ask if you could have a rise in meds to maybe 100mcg or if that is too much you could try 75 and 100 on alternative days. Worth a try to see if you feel better.

Jo xx

In this chart, you can see reasons why your TSH can be low and yet still be very ill.

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