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Please please help me feel better about this?! Overactivity Recurring!!

I'll be honest, I've joined today because I'm really frightened and hoping for a bit of reassurance!

I'm 29F and I've recently given birth to a beautiful 7 month old. (not that recent but you know what I mean).

When I was 14yrs old I was diagnosed with Graves, dangerously Hyperthyroid and treated with Iodine and a 95% thyroidectomy. Never given it another thought for 15 yrs! No meds apart from a 3yr awful anxiety patch but thyroid was normal. Since having my baby I have lost 3stone plus all pregnancy weight, blamed bf'ing but dr has referred me because my thyroid has come back as over. She mentioned a 30 in the results that's all I remember.

3 week wait for appointment and I am panicking.

My baby doesn't go to anyone else and I couldn't bare to be apart to have an operation. Anyone know if it's possible meds would work second time? My goiter is back which seems crazy. Could this settle down? Thanks for reading xx

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Sorry meant to say I would like to become part of this group, not just today :)


Welcome to our forum Wiggy

I am sorry you are so worried, especially about your little baby.

I am not medically qualified and others will most probably comment. This is a link re pregnancy and it may be helpful to you to understand what can happen in pregnancy. Cursor down to the last question dated January 21, 2003

When you have a thyroid gland blood test always get a copy for your own records. You can also post here for someone to comment upon them.



Welcome! I've added a bit to your heading to flag it up for the Hyper people...Hope it helps...




Hi Wiggy

I have Graves disease and when first diagnosed my reading T4 was 49 range 12-22

I think your reading maybe T4 but the ranges differ from lab to lab depending where you are in the country. I waited two weeks for my endo appointment and he put me on carbimazole for eighteen months. Came off meds and then after 3 months had to go back on meds as didn't go into remission.

I know your case is totally different what I am trying to say is if you are panicking please go back to your gp and get some reassurance especially as you have a baby to care for and don't be fobbed off. Ask for telephone consultation if you can't get an appointment.

I work with gp's and part of their job is to listen to patients and give reassurance where needed. Explain why you feel panicky, you have every right to be heard, had those feelings myself, fortunately for me I was surrounded by caring gp's. Who gave me loads of support

and I feel loads better now.

You deserve that support.

Sending you Big Hugs and hope you feel better soon

Ali xx


Thank you so much for all the replies. I didn't have the Internet last time and to be honest, reading about a thyroid storm is not helping my anxiety :( I am petrified. Before I had the test results I felt fine, tired & losing weight but fine. 1 week later and I feel disconnected, unable to function, depressed and anxious. Will contact gp today xx


Hi Yes, as Shaws says there is a link and still quite early days. However, I agree important you see and Endo, I would not worry about surgery yet, long way away. If you need it , you will first see a surgeon and talk it through. No one is going to push you into surgery against your will, however, important you are fully informed and have the options. Regarding your little one ( congratulations ), if you do find you need an OP ,it will not be as an emergency so you will have time for baby to gradually et to know some one else for car.

Please try not to worry until you have seen the appropriate doctors. if thyroid continues to get worse, then you will struggle with baby and even worse as they get older. Anxiety is a well known symptom of thyroid disease, understandable too.

Best wishes,


Not sure if you know, but to reply to any one`s post, click on "Reply to this" under that post, or we will not normally know.


Thank you! I've just called the gp and they are chasing endo appointment. She said they can't give me meds before that. I had treatment when I was 15 but both tablets and iodine were unsuccessful and I guess my thyroid has grown back because my goiter is large. I can also feel nodules but that is a whole other worry? The thought of not being able to look after my child is absolutely the most distressing thing I can imagine but I won't let it come to that.

Thank you all xx


That sounds good. I have learnt ( Old!) not to worry about things until they happen and then deal with them.. So, often it can turn out differently to expected. Also I had 20 years thyroid not treated, years ago. I really missed my children growing up. Often they need us more as getting older.

very best wishes,



Such great advice! I have been letting this worry take over when really I'm in a better position because at least I know what I am dealing with.

Thank you, it really means a lot to get some support. I will be back with some test results soon and hopefully I can get a bit more advice xx


Good, any time.



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