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Has anyone been diagnosed with Hashimotos Encephalopathy ??

Has anyone been diagnosed with Hashimotos Encephalopathy? I know that it is pretty rare. I have a lot of the symptoms. Upon reading about the condition it does seem to have a lot of the same symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Apparently, it responds well to steroids. Hmm I am beginning to wonder if it is a seperate condition or something to do with adrenals or even non or under treated thyroid?

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I hope that I do not offend anyone suffering from this condition as I know the symptoms are pretty severe. It just makes you wonder!!

Thanks. Best wishes

Carolineanne x

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I had never heard of it but now looked it up and doubting recent neurological diagnoses although persistent from childhood but so was Hashimoto's thyroiditis so I don't know and started to research but friend popped into see if I'm still going to do chores I promised to do so I don't add to his burden saw me checking site and said "yes! I'm sure YOU can persuade yourself you've got any number of the things you can read on there!" Then hmphd! In derisive scorn so now as only stayed few minutes turned kettle on for me and left because I promised I would sort chores myself regardless of health. Should know me by now, they have to hospitalise me before I don't fulfil my responsibilities to best of my ability. Lucky left quickly as now tearful and thoroughly upset because basically judged as hypochondriac again and I normally refuse to even accept that I'm ill.

Seriously, Why do I bother?

At least I've learnt something!

Good luck with everything, this form seems to have very hopeful prognosis doesn't it!


Oh bless you. Don't take any notice. People who are not suffering from thyroid disease or any illness really do not understand. My own mother once said that it was all in my head. Yesterday my brother rang to tell me he has got hypo too. No one really understands how hard you have to push yourself just to do the normal everyday things.

I know what you mean about fulfilling your responsibilities and not saying no. Maybe we should try to be a bit more selfish but it's probably not in our nature. When you get a minute make yourself a nice drink and then you can research all you want to.

My hubby's always saying things like, 'what have you got today? Blue parrot flu. ' but he only jokes, he sees how poorly I am. I think he gets fed up of all things thyroid ( don't we all !) but at least we have this forum and if we keep looking we will find the answers!

HE does seem to be helped with steroids but I think they might bring their own problems, especially the dreaded weight gain!! Which we don't need any more of ! See that is something else for me to research lol!

By the way you are not a hypochondriac!

Best wishes

Carolineanne x


Hi hashimotos e, can be caused by high tg antibodies, it's autoimmune and rare. I have looked into this myself, I tend not to read much as I have symptoms of a wide range of problems. Although rare very possible, cortisol oh of range is also a culprit. Try not to be concerned over implied comments from anybody, this is just a term coined from specialist, when they have no explanation to why we experience a host of issues. You definitely not a hypochondriac, if that's the case there are thousand of us. X


Hi I have an old friend on my facebook who has that x

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