Anyone seen an immunologist for Hashimotos or has been prescribed LDN!

My nhs endocrinologist has offered to refer to an immunologist after I sent him details of LDN and asked if he could prescribe some. Despite the fact it my endo or gp could prescribe LDN, which seems tube deemed safe as low dose and helps so many diseases eg. Auto-immune, MS, Cancer etc neither "have experience" of it so are too scared to prescribe. Has anyone else been prescribed LDN for hashis or seen an immunologist?

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  • my daughters pain consultant suggested LDN and gave her a prescription

  • I take it for Hashi's, though I can't yet say if it is having any effect on my antibodies. It certainly allows me to take far less levo than I need otherwise. I had a hiccup w my ldn (I started taking capsules and for some reason they didn't work) and my tsh went up to over 5. When I started back on the liquid I had to reduce my levo again. I'll pm you.

  • I have not taken LDN, but thanks to your question, I am going to ask my Dr. about it! Why is it that it is only in 2016 that this news is getting out there?! It has been around since the 80's, and used for everything from alcohol and drug addition to cancer treatment. Thank you so much for your question!!

    I am off to the Dr. for LDN.

  • Hello, glad it was helpful, here is another link. Unfortunately GP's are too scared to prescribe as they don't understand it low dose. You can get it from Glasgow yourself if you want to self medicate. You have to give proof that you have a disease. I would start off at 0.5 not 1.5 too and build up. Apparently drops are better than capsules too.

    Let me know if you try it x

  • P.S. I found this website:

  • Seems like such a good therapy, but good luck finding a doctor who understands it.

  • I asked my endocrinologist about this and she also said she didn't know enough about it to prescribe it. I've been referred to a rheumatologist so am hoping s/he might prescribe it.

  • Fingers crossed for you, if not there's clinic 158 in Glasgow apparently - thinking of trying that myself.

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