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has anyone here been diagnosed with a heart murmur?

Hello everyone, I was diagnosed today with a heart murmur at the cardiology department of the hospital and have been referred for an echocardiogram and some other nuclear test. I must admit I'm feeling a bit worried and tesrful,although trying not to stress out too much until I have the actual tests anyone here been through something similar? I know that Us hypothyroid patients sometimes have problems with mitral valve especially if the disease went Un diagnosed for long time. thanks for read my post

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hi there tingles , please do not stress out --- the tests sound bad BUT THEY ARE NOT they are necessary so that you can be given ANY optimum treatment ......just be thankful you don't have to wait for months on end before you have the tests as some of us have had to ...... when you get the results and treatment you wanted you will remember how little you had to worry about ....alan


Hi Tingles - I too was told that I had a heart murmur and was a bit worried. But, after the echocardiogram and other tests showed that my heart was structurally normal, the consultant said there was nothing to worry about. Apparently a "heart murmur" just means that an unusual sound can be heard by the doctor, when he listens to your heart. Obviously, this sound can be caused by a structural abnormality of the heart, or it may just be a "sound", as mine was. Maybe thyroid problems cause this "sound", but if there are no structural abnormalities, then it seems that there is nothing to worry about. You won't know more until the test results, so try to put it out of your mind for now and just concentrate on taking each day as it comes. Keep us posted to let us know how you get on :) . Sending much love xx


thanks Alan and Chooselife for your replies, I'm glad that your results were good choose, that must have been a big relief.

I telephoned cardiology this morning as when the doctor was talking yesterday I couldn;t really remember what she said the tests were. so now I know I am having an echocardiogram, a thalium scan and a cardio memo. This is all part of the new me thats is determined to stay aware of what is going on with my health and to be as proactive as possible. anyway offf to Slimming Workd now! Thanks again for your replies xxx


Thanks, Tingles :) . BTW, I am v. impressed with your proactive-ness - it's not always easy, but definitely can help you to feel more in control of things. Knowledge is power, and all that. Anyway, thinking of you and sending you all my best wishes xx


Hi tingles, I was diagnosed with heart murmur also, they told me same, I have nothing to worry about and there are possibly so many more people have one that don't no. As chooselife says it is a sound and if everything looks ok there's nothing to worry about so try not to stress too much



Hi Hear murmur usually problems with mitral valve which cho will show. People often have it from birth so common, If bad enough treated with drugs ,if very bad you would have a lot of fluid on the tum, called ascites. In this case you may need an operation, it is commonly done very successful, obviously a fairly serious OP., but been done for years and very successful. It is often first heard on an examination, depends ow good the doc is!

Best wishes,



The more I read, the more confused I become. This is not possible on the same website. I had a heart murmur since I was a child, Everything started in 2000-2001, test after test, I was born with a hole in the heart and had leaky valves. I had the MAZE 111 procedure, they repaired the hole at the same time. The tests are so important and there is nothing to fear. The ECG, the Transecho, etc.the angiogram. I have had dye put through my veins, I watched the wire moving around the heart, I have AF. I think I am going to hibernate for the winter, or perhaps I should write a book about my experiences. This year has been a great big eye opener. I no longer have the heart murmur, but I do have a 3cm lesion on the right kidney.

Nuff said from me. Please take care of yourselves.


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