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T3 - 15 days apparently

Just had a call from my pharmacist and they have been assured that there is a delivery expected in 15 days to the wholesaler (I am assuming someone has contacted Mercury Pharma). They have marked my prescription as urgent and have promised to call to let me know.

I am in the process of writing an email to NHS England as apparently they will investigate and give answers (well that will be a first). It is to do with it being a NHS prescription and the problems with filling it. The lady says they will answer every question on the email :-)

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I hope everyone affected writes to them!! :-)


I have just emailed them. Awaiting a reply!

Best wishes



Well done! X


Excellent, we have to do something even if with my cynical mind I feel nothing will come of it!


Update on T3 on TPA hopefully all will be up and running soon. Even if they are doing what they say sufferers that depend on T3 should not have been put in the position of worrying or have to write letters every where.


Hi Poppy03

Thank you for this information.

Very worrying all this about T3.

Love Angie xx


Yes worrying indeed. I was told by the person at the general pharmaceutical council that it was really up to my prescriber to prescribe me something else. No matter how many times I said there was nothing else she just kept repeating it. I despair! Let's hope there is something positive around the corner.


I e-mailed Mercury yesterday and received a reply saying that they were not sure when supplies would resume so I hope you are right in saying that they will have some in 15 days. But I think we should all e-mail NHS so that hopefully we wouldn't have tis worry again.


I can only go by what my pharmacist said but I was pushing her quite hard to get a resolution. I have sent my email now so let's see what happens next!


I will be emailing the NHS too as only have 5 days of T3 left and my pharmacist says she only has a small amount of them left. I asked her if she could put them to one side for me and she said she would try to but if someone else needs them she might have to use them but she was going to try and order some more.. She didnt know anything about them being in short supply.What a complete mess we could all be in as the only replacement I can think of will have to be T4. Its taken over 5yrs of seeing an endo at the hospital to get put on T3 for the 2nd time. The first time, 5yrs ago, he did try me on a low dose and then 2mths later decided that there was no difference in the blood test so he promptly said I may aswell stop taking them, so I did. As he has then continued to bring my T4 down from 150mcg to 100mcg, which left me feeling exhausted all the time, I finally demanded a 2nd opinion in november and managed to get an appointment almost immediately and I almost demanded to be tried again on T3 at the hospital. I went back at the end of March, hoping to get the T3 put up this time, as I still have symptoms, although not quite as bad as they were prior to taking T3, I had mentioned in November last year that when he put me on them the first time he never tried increasing the dose, which he said he had but I know different as I kept the bottle of the remainder of tabs that I didnt carry on taking back then. At my last appointment he decided to put me on iron tablets when I told him that a blood test for ferritin I had asked for at my GPs had been low in the range but the the doc had said it was in range so ok. He also sent me to have my adrenals tested a few weeks later but I was really surprised when I realised he had not increased my T3 and my next appointment was made for 6mths later, which I wasnt told at the time. I cant go back until the end of September and I tried to change my appointment over the phone but was told I couldnt bring it forward. I am feeling very frustrated by everything that seems to be going against me taking T3 at the appropriate dose, as I have had Hypothyroidism for 28yrs and can honestly say have never felt well and had several episodes of severe depression, which I only now think were due to my thyroid not being treated properly.

Just to say, having found this site in November, that inspired me to ring up the hospital and and speak to my endo's secretary and tell her I wasnt satisfied with my treatment after 5yrs of seeing my endo and feeling so much worse than ever, after he had reduced my Thyroxene when my blood tests indicated he should and my GP had agreed when I mentioned it to her. I need this T3 and have only a few days worth left so I hope I can get some from the pharmacy when I need them in a about 5days time.

If youve been able to follow all that, thanks for listening as I cant talk about all this to any of my family, as I never seem to be happy about my thyroid meds, although Im sure I am at last on the right track.... hopefully!

Here's hoping that somehow all will be well in the end for all of us.

Thanks to you all for telling your stories and giving me hope!



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