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Have you read: "Recovering with T3 My Journey from Hypothyroidism to Good Health Using the T3 Thyroid Hormone" Foreword by Dr.John C.Lowe

I don't have this problem with T3 but read over and over again about so many folk on this list who are puzzled and in a fog about the subject. I came across this book today which perhaps would help lots of people to understand their situation with T3. It's not cheap of course, most good books aren't. Amazon have it for £15.95 and Ebay the same, both free postage.

I have found that reading many books and the knowledge from this list have certainly put me on the road to recovery and I would certainly grab it myself if T3 was my problem.

"The author of 'Recovering With T3 My Journey from Hypothyroidism to Good Health Using the T3 Thyroid Hormone' discovered he was hypothyroid over twenty years ago. After many years of being treated with T4, he still had the majority of the symptoms that had first taken him to see his doctor. Eventually, after many years had passed, during which all known thyroid hormone treatments had been tried, a thyroid medication called liothyronine sodium was used. Liothyronine is a synthetic equivalent of the thyroid hormone T3. The use of T3 finally enabled the author to make a complete recovery, although there were many lessons that he needed to learn about T3 in order to regain his health. This book covers a vast amount of technical and practical information relating to T3 medication and details how the author applied this information in order to get well. Any reader who wishes to understand more about the T3 thyroid hormone will find this book invaluable. The book has a foreword by Dr. John C. Lowe, who has been a thyroid researcher and clinician for many years and is one of the world's foremost experts on T3 and its correct use. Dr. Lowe has this to say about the book: "Paul Robinson has written a book chock-full of information on T3 that is vitally important to many people. I believe that reading 'Recovering with T3' will be a splendid experience for thousands of people, whether clinicians, patients, patient advocates, or patients loved ones." Recovering with T3 is quite simply essential reading for any patient and their doctor if they are considering the use of the T3 thyroid hormone."

My apologies if this has already been mentioned.

Good luck! Ellarose

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Yup. Its an excellent book. I know of someone who uses the supplements mentioned, and has had an improvement from just that (probably not a thyroid problem, maybe an adrenal issue)

Also the author posts on here...


I thought that name rang a bell!


...yes an excellent read ! My GP now has it - must retrieve it !


Yes, I am struggling through this wonderful book at the moment. It is so detailed and obviously the programme has been tried and tested in such a scientific way that it gives me hope for other people if only doctors would read it all. I fear that all this information will be too late to help me but I am wading through it all and then will read it again. I wish I had a photographic memory so that I could just spiel all that I wanted to say to the doctors, but I get tongue-tied and lost!


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