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levothyroxine and alcohol


I take 75 levo (lastest TSH result 4.3) before bed but as I'm still feeling unwell I was wondering if drinking white wine during the evening would effect the absorbtion of the levo Most nights I have a couple of glasses of white wine more if I'm feeling really fed up with all my symptoms. I intially took the levo in the morning but as I am taking Blood Pressure tablets my G.P. said I had to take these in the morning so I swiched levo to bedtime, I am now wondering if I've done the right thing switching

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I would say drinking is a no no! It's not gonna help your case for recovery :0/ mind you, that's cause I can't tolerate any alcohol! Lol


I can't tolerate alcohol either (triggers a sort of migraine). My thyroid problem and intolerance of alcohol are both inherited from my mother's family - I wonder if there is a correlation?!


I also enjoy a drink, red wine but avoid any food or drink, apart from water, at least 2 hours before Levo and and an hour after. I never take Levo with alcohol in my system. It takes on average 1 hour for 1 unit of alcohol to be metabolised.An average bottle of wine contains 10 units. Therefore a third of a bottle 3.3 and so on.

Could you take the Levo at eg 4pm? Alcohol can increase blood pressure and has alot of calories but I would struggle to be a saint health wise. Healthy diet.tick, dramatically reduced tobacco tick (now using e cigs). from 30 a day to less than 5 My blood pressure is also slightly high but was low when younger.

Please don't take this as true for you, but for me I struggled when undiagnosed and was work, sleep. I had insomnia and would sometimes drink to sleep but also just to enjoy myself, listen to music etc.I was so exhausted and lonely and I found that sleeping pills helped.

I no longer work, 53 but am developing a social life. As your energy improves I'm sure you will feel much better.

I was so relieved to know that what I'd suspected all along was true. Chance for me to clean up your act, knowing that I was not entirely to blame


Sorry my act


I drink a couple of glasses of wine in the evening sometimes and usually try to leave an hour before taking my levo but your Tsh is too high I think when I had a Tsh like yours I felt dreadful.Since then my dose has been increased by 50mcg I think your Tsh should be below 1 to feel better maybe a trip back to your doctor.Maybe ask on here about your Tsh and you will get some sound advice.

Best wishes Vanessa x


I take Levo in the morning as soon as I get up and then wait an hour before I have breakfast. After that I take blood pressure tablets and dont get any problems!

Io get hot a lot bujt dont know if thats the Menopause lol


I would say your TSH is too high. I get symptoms at that level. Dr said it should be under 2, looking at this site it seems under 1 is better (which I am now).


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