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just been dignosed with underactive thyroid


\hi ive been to doctors and have beeen told im depressed as I have been feeling so down and no energy,sore back, moody feeling like i just want to be left alone as i cant think straight and getting frustrated and stressed and feeling my mind is going to exspode also gaining weight. The doctor done a blood test and Dr rang me on friday evening to tell me i have a underactive thyroid. When i got off the phone i cried as i know im not going round the bend and have a reason for feeling like i do, Could someone please help me understand my results

Serum TSH Level 21.59 mu/L (0.35 SR - 5.00)

Serum free T4 Level 10 pmol/L ( 9- SR 19)

Have been put on Levothyroxine 50mg once a day and also folic Acid 5mg one daily

i dont know how good or bad my reading is, please help thanks

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Welcome to the site.

Well it isn't the highest ever posted on here but its not the lowest either.

Your doctor will be aiming to get your TSH down to below five - but you should be aiming to get your TSH to below one. If your GP is any good he will agree with this and keep increasing your Levo until your symptoms are gone and not just rely on your blood results. Your GP should be asking for re-tests every six to eight weeks and then increase your medication accordingly.

Just a few basic facts for you - Levo should never be taken with food and a two hour gap will be needed between any food or drink (except water) and your medication. Food and drink (especially milk which contain calcium) will stop your body absorbing the levo properly so an empty stomach is best which is why lots of people on here take their medication last thing at night so that the stomach is empty and can absorb it better. If you take anything with calcium or iron in then a four hour gap is needed.

Many thyroid sufferers are also low in vitamins so you will need to get your GP to test your B12, VitD, Iron, Folates and antibodies. Hopefully he will have already done your antibodies but the others are important to help the body make good use of your thyroid medication.

Hope this helps.

Moggie x

Hi moggie

Thankyou for your reply, i have to have a repeat blood test in 6 weeks, i have also been put on folic Acid 5mg and been given a sick note for 4 weeks as i feel like a wreck.

Also i feel like noone at home understands how i feel and thinking i should pull myself together and carry on as normal.

I wish i could carry on as normal and be able to do normal thing and have the energy to do normal stuff. Im so angry that noone is trying to help me at home.

Moggie in reply to jayuk

Unfortunately for us we have an illness that no one can see. If we had a broken arm then people would be offering to open doors for us, take us shopping and all sorts but because we have a broken thyroid and it can't be seen then people think we must be exaggerating the symptoms and that it can be as bad as we are making out.

I used to get very angry with my two daughters as they expected (and still expect) me to look after my four grandchildren every other weekend and my complaints of the many symptoms of this illness (especially the exhaustion) falls on deaf ears. I have learnt that it is a waste of time and energy to try and make people understand what I (and many others on this site) are going through and being angry takes up to much of the little, and valuable, energy that I have.

There was a very good letter written to family and friends which explains to them how thyroid sufferers feel posted on here a while ago which I have linked you. Have a read and maybe print it off for them to read.


You should start to feel a lot better once the medication is working and your energy levels should increase so hang on in there, plus there is always this site if you are feeling down or misunderstood. There's no one better than a fellow sufferer to know what you are going through.

Moggie x

forgot to mention i had my blood pressure taken and it was 167/79 is this high as ive been having headaches and wooshing in my ears. thx

Moggie in reply to jayuk

Not to sure on blood pressure but here is a link to the main thyroiduk website "signs and symptoms" page for you to look at. When I first looked at this it was like piecing together a big jigsaw and made me realise just how many symptoms I did actually have.


Hope this helps

Moggie x

Cinnamon in reply to jayuk

Hi, the first number, the systolic, is high -- not incredibly, but 'normal' blood pressure is viewed as 120/80. The second number, the diastolic, is fine. You may well find that your BP comes down once the levothyroxine has kicked in, around two weeks. I had high BP for years which I believe was due to untreated hypothyroidism. My BP is just starting to come down with over a year of treatment, but I was started on a very low dose of levo, 25ug. I'm now on a higher dose and things are progressing.

While you're waiting to feel better.. and GOD we all know how THAT feels.. You're not alone we've all been there luv.. you're ill, not depressed, not weak, not feeble, not crap.. You're a poorly poppet and this is going to take MONTHS to sort out.. Get yourself organised.. Vitamin C 1000mg a day, Selenium Ace from Wassen, Magnesium B also from Wassen.. and Vitamin D3.. you can get these yourself.. the C and Selenium help support your immune system whilst it is under attack so will help you stay more free of the rubbish sinus infections and stuff.. The Magnesium and B apparently help with anger and frustration and the D3 is magic mood lightening energy boosting stuff... Get the book Your Thyroid and how to keep it healthy by Barry Durrant Peatfield and read it.. or if you're too knackered to read it.. Throw it at your GP and suggest they read it before telling you that you don't need vitamin tests...

So get your vitamin D tested (you're looking for 80-120 to be good)

get your Transferrin Saturation tested ( you want 20-50 to be good)

and in the mean time.. buy some vitamins and take them.. make sure you leave 4 hours between your Levo and your vitamins and some say don't take vitamins at night they stop you sleeping so

Levo as soon as you wake and vitamins at lunchtime

and we're here.. all of us.. Big hug... you'll get through this..

Thankyou so much for your support and advice, I will take it all on board and

take action when i have the strength, waiting for work now to get it touch but

if they start they will get a peace of my mind :)

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