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results of thyroid scan - what is likely to be the outcome of this???????

seeing endo on Wednesday, scan she will be looking at says' Heterogenous echotexture of thyroid with poorly defined multiple nodules in both lobes. Mild increase in vascularity. Findings in keeping with diffuse thyroid disease. No obvious masses or significant lymph adenopathy'.

My T4 had soared to nearly 70. Now on carbrimazole and back to normal levels, TSH rising from almost flatlining. Have a feeling RI will be pushed or surgery ... do nodules ever go away? Has anyone else got this?

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I had a toxic multinodular goitre for 9 years before I had it removed. My nodules never went away but I was never hyper enough to warrant drugs or RAI. However after 9 years it had displaced my trachea and was big and ugly. All I can advise is to not make a rushed decision, even if they try to push surgery or RAI.


Thank you for answering... how are you now? I feel well but anxious about what might happen x


I feel well now. I would say I'm back to almost normal. Before the op I felt well too but was in discomfort from the goitre and having an irregular heartbeat. Now I have no discomfort and no heart symptoms but get tired quickly. I'm still in the process of adjusting my dose, so hopefully that will resolve soon.

Forgot to say that if you do go for RAI or surgery, make sure you have a good doctor in place for afterwards when you will probably need lots of blood tests and adjusting levothyroxine dose or whatever you will be on.

I understand why you are anxious- I was too- that's why I said don't rush any decisions until you have all the information you need. Take care x


Hi The immediate outcome, would be a Biopsy under ultra sound by a radiologist. This is routine , Then if considered necessary a surgery. Very good advice above,You may be amazed by how much better you are and feel.

Best wishes,



Thanks so much that's really comforting and it's wonderful to know other people who have gone through this and can give hands-on advice, thank you again x


I had a very nodular thyroid and had two biopsies (they did not believe the first) but both were negative. It is worth getting this done just to rule out anything more serious. My nodules have virtually disappeared after starting T3.


oh that's very interesting, how did that happen, did the endocrinologist recommend it, why T3? My latest bloods are t4, 12.9, T3 4.9 and TSH 0.02. I was on 40mg of Carbimazole daily, cut back to 20 (I decided...) and now dropped to 10 they wanted me to block and replace..... how does T3 make nodules disappear?????????? xx


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