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Link to TUK reduced fee labs please?

Hi, Peeps - so sorry but am really struggling to survive here after a bereavement mid March. Can't get my head together and my physiology is totally shot. Could you please give me the link for the labs that do reduced-fee test that is on TUK? I can't find it on there and I know I've been told on this site, but I can't seem to find that, either.

forgetting to take meds, leaving pans on to boil out, feel so weak and disorientated it's just not true. Don't know how the hell I'm going to complete assignments for finals when I can't seem to think straight. sorry to moan - need to do the adrenal saliva and rT3 tests.

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Hi Schenks, Sorry to hear you're not doing too well at the moment.

Here's the link to Genova who do the adrenal saliva test:

And link to general page for various private testing info:


Thanks for he links, Redapple. I didn't realise I had been Hit so hard - kind of worked on adrenalin for a few weeks which can't have done me much good either.


Hi I use Blue Horizon, thyroid Uk site or main site, finger prick or venous blood. Just over £60 for TSH, T4 and Free T3. all simple, well know Lab, Quote TUK10 for discount, £10 or more if getting lots of tests. free Ferritin/ iron test with order I believe, at the moment

Best wishes,


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Thanks Jackie. I'd quite forgotten about the TUK10 thing too.


Is the finger prick one as good? Via home blood testing


Sorry ianessex, don't know about the finger prick - if you reply to Jackie on the 'reply to this' link directly beneath her response, she will know you are directing your question too her.


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