What's the score with T3?

Having looked at the Thyroid UK information on T3 I understand that Mercury Pharma are the only UK suppliers and that the only tablets available are 20mcg tablets. If this is the case how do people get round dosing at 10mcg? Do they just cut the tablet in half?

Basic question, but information that you read (eg. Toft) suggests supplementing your T4 with 10 mcg of T3.

Thanks in advance!

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Yes, we cut it in half or you can use a small cuter.

Thanks Shaws!

MacG, Cutting a 20mcg seems to be the usual way to obtain 10mcg but 2.5mcg, 5mcg and 10mcg T3 may be imported. I think Boots can source those doses from Paddocks in USA.

Ah, thanks for that Clutter. Useful to know

Snap them in two, better than trying to cut as they crumble.

Thankyou jimh111

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