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Vitamin D - a study from

Abstract #1075



Sunil Kota, MD1

, Lalit Meher2

, Sruti Jammula, PhD3


Kirtikumar Modi1

1. Medwin Hospital, 2. MKCG medical College, 3.

Roland Institute of Pharmacutical Sciences

Objective: To investigate vitamin D status in patients with

autoimmune hypothyroidism.

Methods: The study group consisted of 100 patients with

newly diagnosed Hashimato’s thyroiditis and 100 subjects

as the control group. Parameters of calcium metabolism,

thyroid function tests and 25(OH) vitamin D levels were


Results: Mean age of the study study groups was 33.4

± 4.8 years with female: male= 72: 28. Vitamin D

insufficiency/ deficiency ( 25 (OH) D < 30 ng/ml) rate was

significantly higher in the Hashimoto’s group compared

with the control subjects (75 % vs 20%, p<0.0001). In

the Hashimoto group, mean 25(OH) vitamin D levels

were significantly lower compared with the control group

(12.5±7.0 vs 22.3±7.9 ng/mL, p<0.001). The study group

revealed higher Anti TPO levels in patients vitamin

D deficiency 25 (OH) D < 20 ng/ml than patients with

vitamin D insufficiency group (25 (OH) D < 30 ng/ml)

[650.4 ± 35.4 IU/ml vs 340.3 ± 65.4 IU/ml, p, 0.001].

Serum vitamin D level was inversely correlated with the

Anti TPO levels (r = - 0.30, p = 0.007).

Discussion: Vitamin D is involved in immune system and,

in particular, on T cell-medicated immunity. Vitamin D

receptor is profoundly present in the immature immune

cells of thymus and the CD8. Low vitamin D level gives

rise to a variety of autoimmune disorders including type 1

diabetes, hypothyroidism.

Conclusion: The higher vitamin D deficiency rates besides

lower vitamin D levels in the Hashimoto group together

with the inverse correlation between vitamin D and

AntiTPO suggest that vitamin D deficiency may have a

role in the autoimmune process in Hashimato’s thyroiditis.

I have included the whole piece although there is an awful lot of it.

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Interesting. Would like to see this followed up properly by further research.



....if Vitamin D deficiency is appearing to be a worldwide problem then it could also explain the rapid rise of auto-immune diseases of the past 30 years or more. It also is LOW in TB sufferers. I had ileo-caecal TB Crohns and now Hashimotos ! Trying to increase my D now for over a's on the up !


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