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Why do i feel like ive always got something stuck in my throat ????

Hi everyone

I am two and half weeks post op from having a t/t, am fine apart from having the constant feeling of having something stuck in my throat, the feeling you get when you take a tablet & it doesnt go down right. Has anyone had this feeling after the op ????????? any help or advice would be greatly appreciated x

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I havent had a TT but some years ago I did have an operation and had this problem with my throat for some months following the anaesthetic. Not sure why but it did go eventually.


I did have this for a few days post op. I think mine was caused by the breathing tube from the anaesthetic. However you've had yours for much longer so I really don't know. Do you have a follow up appointment soon or could you ask for one sooner rather than later? Is it getting worse or better each day? I hope you can get it sorted soon.


Hi It can take a long time for the throat to feel OK post Op, sorry but too soon!!

Best wishes,



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