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Can you split capsules to reduce the dose? I'm starting on dhea, has anyone had side effects?

Morning all, there seems to be endless conflicting info about dhea online. I'm hypo and my adrenals have be very flat for a long time, and my dhea and dhea/cortisol ratio are both low. I've tried all the vits & herbs to heal the adrenals but recently had a crash. My thyroid doctor, who seems very good, suggested either dhea or glandulars or both. I opted for dhea but a now feeling a bit apprehensive about taking it, so any experiences welcome!

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Hi If they cannot be split, start every other day, next best thing.

Best wishes,



Hi Lolalois,

My adrenals were under-performing and tests showed that whilst cortisol levels weren't bad, my DHEA was low. I took tablets for 3 months, beginning on 10mg and later increasing to 25mg. In my case this restored my levels to normal, but most importantly, I felt much better, especially energy-wise. DHEA was a real turning point for me! The level of DHEA in the body decreases naturally with age, so the "normal" level will vary from one individual to another.

As I understand it you can't do any harm by supplementing at physiological levels (i.e. less than the body would produce normally - and I believe that the body produces a lot!). Taking too much can cause an excess in one of the sex hormones (for which DHEA is a raw material) which can lead acne, facial hair etc - but, as I understand it, that means really high levels of DHEA!

I was on tablets which were easy to cut with a tablet-cutter. I also eventually went onto tablets which could be taken sub-lingually (under the tongue) because I'd read that that makes the hormone more bio-available (some commentators believe that DHEA taken orally may be "dismantled" by the liver).

Good luck!



DHEA gave me a big headache. If it does that, you might wait for another time to try again.

I'm taking the glandular instead and may try again later.


Thanks for letting me know, I'll keep a eye out for that. It was one or the other for me, not really sure why I decided to start with dhea, I think because the glandulars seem to give lots of people on here problems. But at least there's an option if I don't get on with the dhea.


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