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Receptor resistance and crushing T3 in water


I was just wondering if anyone has any experience and/or knowledge of dealing with receptor resistance? I am currently crushing T3 and dissolving in water and drinking it during the day in order to try get some much needed thyroid hormone into my cells. I have managed to build up to 3/4 of a 25mcg tablet and also take 4 nutri adrenals as instructed by Dr Peatfield. This is the first time I have taken any thyroid hormone as was diagnosed with ME by the NHS. Although I still need to spend many hrs resting, I have seen some improvement and had some brighter days and even managed to leave the house on a couple of occasions and see a friend which is fantastic but the brighter times are diminishing fast and Im actually starting to feel like the severe fatigue and pain amongst other things is really starting to kick in again. Dr P has told me to play around with it but to increase slowly and when I'm feeling brave to try some in tablet form. I know we are all different but I just wondered if anyone had been in a similar situation and what they experienced and how long it took before receptors came online again?

Many thanks


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I am now up to 40mcg of T3 and use Nutri Adrenal and Nutri Adrenal Extra. I take my T3 by crushing it in my mouth without water.

The timing of doses can be influential too; away from food is good to increase uptake. It may be worth reading more about the Circadian T3 Method CT3M - Google : Paul Robinson CT3M - for some this approach is great

The only additional thing I would say is to be sure your Iron Vit D and B12 levels are OK as I think these severely hampered my conversion and uptake at first.

Any one of these factors can contribute to low energy and pain.

Its great you're getting some better days

keep going :-)


Thank you for your quick response Sarah

Just had some bloods repeated. My iron is low but in range and my ferritin high but Dr P told me this is fine. Vit D is now at optimal levels and B12 was high in Nov but prob should get that tested again.

Thanks for the suggestion of Paul's book. I already have it and have thought about CT3M but will prob wait until can take T3 without having to dissolve in water and drink over so many hrs.

Yes I have found timings do make a difference plus the amount of water I dissolve it in and how many hours I drink it in. Dr P said it is a bit of a pain but I don't mind as better than nothing!

do you split your T3 throughout the day and if so how many doses?



Dr. Lowe was on T3 only therapy and this is his Q&A page. Perhaps you can find some helpful information. Dr. Lowe's mentor was Broda Barnes who initiated the metabolic rate analysis I believe.


Thanks for this. It's really helpful and a gold mine of information which will definitely be beneficial on my road to recovery


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