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Some good news!

I got my TSH result today from my Dr, and it was a predicatable 1.0

However, she has read what I sent her ( see previous blog with the email I sent about needing 0.3- 0.5) and has actually agreed to let me increase my dose to 75mcg Levo

( previously 50mcg) and have another test in 6 weeks- horrah!!! I was expecting a battle with her to be honest, but she was fine about it!

I asked her about giving me an endo refrerral for the other tests ( FT3 and 4, iron, ferritin etc) and she said she has to ring them for 'advice' and then see if they will agree to test me...which sounds a bit ominous, so am still bearing in mind I might have to go private.

But still- there is a chance that the increase in Levo will do the job, so fingers crossed!

P/S First dose tonight- how long will it take to have an effect? Have been on 50mcg for 12 years.......

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brilliant news for you! we got to keep fighting x


Good luck and hope you feel the benefit of the increase soon? When my GP upped my level i felt it within a few days (although he said this was impossible as it takes weeks to take effect). I think I know my own body better than him so was amazed that he could say this! Hope you feel the benefits as quickly as i did?


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