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Help with bloods and private testing

Hello and thanks in advance, a little bit of background info im worried about my 7 year old son, i scott have graves and my son was probably conceived when i was undiagnosed. My son has autistic spectrum disorder with an underline learning difficulty, My son is very tall and has big feet for age and can eat and eat and still be skinny he is also very flexible ie both feat behind back of neck and lots of energy same as i when i was a child, So heres the results im sorry its only the nhs so i only have the tsh 4.09 and his free t4 was 15.3. I was expecting hyper results but unless im having a graves moment even with a 1 to 5 range that the nhs stick to thats nearly at the top of the range and if it was the usa standered that would be subclinical hypo or have i got this wrong. Second question if i were to use one of the online pharmacy mention on the thyroid uk site what test should i have done and mums worried that is this legal to do this on a minnor with the home test kits. Thanks very much for your time on this if you need more info just ask.

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I am sorry your question is unanswered. I am not medically qualified and don't have Graves but hypo.

Don't apologise for using the NHS blood tests, most of us do. Your son's TSH is getting to the higher end of the range (i.e. hypo), so I would ask your GP if he would refer your son to a paediatrician/endo and have him thoroughly checked out seeing that he is a special needs child too.

I realise it is worrying for you and maybe more members would have answered but we have had problems with the site this weekend and many were unable to post answers to questions.

We are volunteers and not medically qualified and can usually answer only if we have had a similar experience to someone.

Please let me know how you get on. You can send a private message by clicking on my name.

Best wishes


i have already asked for more test but get use all reply hes in range and no more tests are required at this time not even t3 but this is typical of nhs. Im confused why he looks and acts hyper but has tsh that would suggest hypo the paediatrician was no help on this and just repeated his tsh in range nothing wrong with thyroid


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