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Newbee. hi all was diagnosed underactive last monday! 11 days ago


Went to doc, cos hubby was nagging me! everyone was saying it was the menapause! age 47. Have been having all the symptoms for years been on and off anti depressants, have a seriosly disabled son! Terrible pmt. complete bitch! Any way my results are

TSH 6.11. T4 10.2. T3. 4.4. Doc has put me on 25mcg levo goes up on mon to 50 mcg

Not sure if its wishfull thinking but i seem to have more energy! Skin is clearer! Lost some water retention! Is this all in my mind! And will it last? Doc said i wouldnt feel anything for about a month!

Its all a bit new! Thanks all

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Hello Debdieboo and welcome to the site. Great to hear that you are feeling some improvements already :) Some people can feel this within a few hours/days, whilst with others it will take longer. Glad your GP has already increased your dosage. You will need to go back in 6 weeks time for another test and then probably another increase or two (or three...). The idea should be that your dose is increased until all of your symptoms are alleviated. This often seems to occur when TSH is less than one, so at the lower end of the reference range. Often doctors don't know this though and may try to tell you that once TSH is back in the reference range (even at the top), you are "fixed". If you aren't feeling better, then ask to keep increasing until your TSH is under one.

It is fairly coming to improve a bit after an increase, and then go backwards, this is usually indication that it is time for an increase ;) xxx

Bet hubby is happy

Welcome to the site.

Moggie x

Thanks for the welcome. And the advice, its all a bit of a shock really!

It might sound crazy but i felt " not sure what the right word is really" but i suppose it was relief. like, being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Knowing at last there was something wrong and i was'nt in my mind! Or from what i am reading actually is! Lol if u know what i mean! Still a lot to learn! Am taking my pill early! About an hour n half before breakfast, no tea sadly cos of the milk. Miss my early cuppa!

Am feeling better than i have for a long time

Sorry for all those that are struggling! Dont wish to gloat. I'm sure you'l give me a reminder when i come back down! Lol!

Yes maggie hubby is happy! He might even get sex back again soon too! Ha ha

Not surprising that you are on the road and feel it but it's important to follow road signs. I like this summary from the STTM website on how to proceed when new at this.

Helpful info here too:



Thanks for the info girls! Thought it was too good to be true! Will wait for the come down then! Lots to learrn!


You may well get bit of come down but you'll still feel better than you did.... Also sound like your doc is good, all the best to you !

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