Bloating and told it could be IBS

Hi I've just signed up today so I'm hoping for some advice. I've been on 100 levothyroxine for about 5 years now and always struggled with me weight but recently its gone crazy and my stomach is so bloated I look 6 months pregnant. My doc thinks it could be IBS or lactose intolerant so I've cut out all dairy for a week and a half and have still managed to put 2 pounds on. Help!!!

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  • Do you know if you are optimally medicated? I was barely able to bend over when on levo alone I was so bloated. I felt like a fully-inflated balloon.

    Would be good to see your test results and lab ranges.

  • Hi that's what I feel like. I had a battery of tests last week and they said all was normal but I've got no paperwork. I'll ask them for details. Fortnight before they tested my t4 which was 2.5. Its usually about 1.3 which I've always felt OK on. Would this slight up make such a huge difference?

  • That sounds like you may mean tsh - ? If so, you are undermedicated and yes, that small change can make a difference. Ideally your tsh should be under 1 for most people to feel well. If you think the range is something like .3 - 5 (lab ranges are all a bit different) the difference between 1.3 and 2.5 is substantial.

  • I'll make another appointment and see if they can look at my meds. No doubt he will say its in the normal range but hopefully he's so sick of seeing me he might relent!! Thanks you for answering as I don't know anyone with hypothyroidism x

  • Bring evidence. Email Louise for the Dr Toft Pulse article:

    Best to go in w an agenda. Say something like you have learned that many people feel better when tsh is under 1 and you would like the opportunity to find out if that will help you feel better. Give them the article to back up what you've said.

    Are you bloated elsewhere (fluid retention) or is it a gut issue only?

  • I'll email her straight away. Its mainly bloat on my tummy. Its huge and hard and I don't understand why. Like I said I'm trying everything but it won't go down and I've even put weight on since Saturday even though I'm dairy, pasta and caffeine free x

  • I can relate to your post, I have been on Levothyroxine for a similar time, whatever I do I struggle to loose any weight. I think your doctor could refer you to a state registered dietitian who may be able to help.

  • Did you see one? I'm so careful with what I eat so it drives me crazy when I continually fight my weight and I feel so fat and ugly because of it x

  • More likely to be gluten sensitivity or full blown coeliac

  • If I may be a touch indelicate :) how are your bowels? Are you loose or constipated? Or normal? Don't want to scare you but bloating can occasionally be nothing to do with diet or IBS. Ovarian cysts or fibroids might also be to blame.

  • Within range isn't necessarily optimal, but still it's a favourite trotted out by gps with little knowledge of thyroid issues. It's always best to get a print out, they will give it to you if you ask and people here are quite knowledgeable if you want a hand interpreting the results. You could be wheat/gluten intolerant too, I found cutting out wheat and sugar really helped reduce the bloat.

  • Well I went back and saw a different doctor. I'm getting more blood tests on Monday and then back to see her. She wants to give me more tests to rule out "inner" problems. Thank you all for giving me the push to go back as I wouldn't have done it without that pushxxx

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