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More confused: Advice re: low ft4 and high ft3!


Hi All

Following the Genova results of a low ft4 11.7 (range 10 -22) and high ft3 6.9 (range 0.5 - 6.0) no antibodies and low rt3 which is great, plus slowly rising TSH now at 2.8 (range 0.4 - 6.0) - I wrote to Dr M in Wales for her reflections.

Before we knew about the ft3/rt3 figures she had recommended a trail of thyroxine to lift the t4 levels but only if my GP would monitor which she wasn't happy to do.

I privately gained results for the extras shown above from Genova. Now that she has the ft3 result as well her advice is:

'If you wanted a trial of thyroid hormones then I would suggest using pure T3 in the form of Cytomel'.

Plus: 'There is no test that will predict thyroid hormone receptor resistance'.

Why would a new addition to the mix of an already high ft3 result in the suggestion that I ask for more t3. If I'm pooling ft3 due to thyroid resistance wouldn't taking more of it just add complications?

To be honest, I'm now more confused than ever and wondering if it really is worth all the effort when no-one seems to have a clue what is going on, how to test for it precisely and a GP who is far from open to any extra support.

I am not on any meds nor ever have been but feeling the weight of thyroid issues for years now.

Any thoughts please?

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Trust Dr M, Dr M is also my doctor and my son's doctor.

My son had EXACTLY the same results as you (well, TSH was 2.6), then 6-7 months later his TSH has risen to 6.3.

Dr M knows what she's talking about. I don't know why she suggested pure T3 to you, I don't know your medical history, she does as she asks for a medical history from you the first time you contact her and it is from this and the results she advises what she advises.

My son also was recommended to start thyroid hormones but the GP would not supervise and also thought Dr M was 'crazy' to suggest thyroid hormones with a TSH of 2.6, however 7 months later GP went back on the original words (as TSH 6.3 'Ejit of a GP'!!!).

This time GP prescribed Levo, we went to see Dr M in wales and she prescribed T3 only for my son.

My son had no response to the T3 at first but since he's got to 50mcg he started feeling a 'little' better, now he's just started on 70mcg and at present 'no further improvement'.

GP wants him to stop raising ever since he got to 40mcg, Dr M advises to raise until he feels well, we of course trust Dr M and only Dr M as she's got me back to health together with dr skinner.

Dr M is right, there is NO TEST which diagnoses thyroid resistance or even implies as to you having it.

I have to add: if you feel you do not want to try pure T3 to begin with but rather try levo or NDT then TELL Dr M what your feelings are, she will be only too happy to try your choice first

Also, you say you are now 'confused', do write to Dr M and tell her that and ask her to please explain her reasoning to you as you want to understand it, she won't mind AT ALL.


PS my son also had low rT3 by the way

Thanks so much for the input. I'll think about where to go from here.


absolutely, it is imperative we think things through and only do what we are happy to do so well done :)

I don't really see that combination on this chart but it may give ideas about what may be going on:

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