Can I go back to the gym now?

I've been on levothyroxine for 3-4 weeks now and feeling better. My free t4 was 4.4 and tsh was 100 so I know it's high and the gp told me to take it easy but I really want to back the gym and do some light cardio and swimming. It's my only chance to get away from the kids and de stress and stress is a major factor in thyroid disease isn't it? My resting pulse is 80bpm and I do get tired at night but other then that I feel fine. Is it really a risk to exercise when my thyroid is so poorly? I don't want to put myself at risk of a heart attack or anything. X

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  • Oh and for the first time in ages I can stuff my face and not gain an ounce of weight! :D

  • I know envy is a bad thing, but sometimes I just can't help it! ;)

  • I would think it would be fine to go back to the gym if you are feeling OK :) xx

  • I love to be active too and also love the de-stress that exercise brings.

    Just be extra careful with your body - my hypo status seems to have made me more vulnerable to injury - I've had ankle, lower back and at present I now have a knee problem. Allthese have happened since I became hypo. Nothing major, but painful and annoying and it means I can't exercise until these issues have recovered. I thought I was being careful - obviously 'careful' pre-hypo is not the same as 'careful' post hypo!

    So take extra care and enjoy! :)

  • I am going back to the gym tonight. Going to take it easy though x

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