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GENOVA - Adrenal and 24 Hour Thyroid Hormone test


Good morning everyone,

I have received my results back from genova and understand what they are saying but I suppose wondering if my GP will use them.

I have been hypo for 19 years and on levothyroxine 175mgs. I told my gp in February that I thought I had a conversion from T4 to T3 problem. She dismissed this straight away even though my T3 has never been tested, and she stated never would be as labs don't test it.

I did the private tests I suppose just to prove to myself that I was right..

The results are as follows:-

Thyroid test

T3 219 Range 592-1850

T4 994 Range 347-1994

T4 Ration 0.2 Range 0.50 - 2.00

Adrenal Stress Profile

DHEA Mean 0.85 Range 0.40-1.47

DHEA Cortisol Ration 1.13 Range 2.0-6.0

I am wondering if my results are skewed as I take 10mg of amitiriptiline at night for IC and also Beconase nasal spray for Hayfever.

In a nutshell. Im not converting. What should I do about it. My nutritionist said we could try supplementing. This could be quite expensive and Im not sure I could afford this in the long run.

Advice and guidance needed please.


Sharon x

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Can anyone help?

Did you mean the 24 hour unrobe thyroid test? :0)

The adrenal one is saliva and thyroid is urine.

Can anyone help with any advice?

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