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Is this anybody else's life??

I just posted a question and when I read through it I felt so pathetic. Can anyone relate to my day? It's 5 o clock in the afternoon. I am still in my nightdress. I washed my face this morning but have not brushed my hair. Earlier, around 11 am I attempted to put the washing on the line only my left leg and arm didn't work so good and it took me about 20 mins as I had to keep pulling the line down with my right arm as the left one wouldn't reach up due to weakness. I didnt bother with the socks and underwear as they are too fiddly and I didn't have the stamina. I went out in the garden in my nightdress and bare feet as putting on shoes would have spent energy I don't have. I've rested all day, in between trying to write a letter lying down in my bed as cant sit up due to no energy and it will hurt my back.

I just got up and went into kitchen passing the basket of ironing I keep telling myself I will do tomorrow. I washed up a few glasses and mugs, wiped surfaces. I really wanted to Hoover as my son brought his hairy dog around yesterday but I find myself back in bed resting trying to muster up the energy to do it.

Hubby will have to do it when he gets home from work as well as get the washing in ( good job it didn't rain !) as well as post my letter and cook the tea. I feel so guilty as he has worked all day and I feel useless and lazy.

I'm gonna try to get up again so that I can be dressed before he gets home so he doesn't think I'm too much of a slob! But I've got pain and heaviness in my arms and legs so it's gonna be tough. I feel like I can't breathe on exertion.

When I was young I lived next door to a lovely lady in her 40's who apparently had manic depression. She was always in the garden in her dressing gown, had grey hair and had regular ranting meltdowns. I said to my husband that I've turned into her, I feel like a bag lady sometimes! I do often wonder about her though. I wonder if she might have had a thyroid condition.

Carolineanne x

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Yes, I have been there in the past and I feel for you.When were you diagnosed, what medication are you on and what are your blood test results-including T3. Have you had vitamins checked-iron, ferritin, D, B12, folate? Tell us more about yourself and how long you have had hypothyroidism. You CAN get better, but it will take time. x


Hi Janjan. Thanks for your reply. I think that I'm just feeling sorry for myself. I've been trying to prepare myself for a benefit appeal and reading through it just makes me feel so sad. Where did I go? I was diagnosed In 2004 and I think that I cannot tolerate any thyroid meds because I have hyper swings.

I hear you about believing I can get better. I have to believe that I can. I seem to go through lapses where I've given up a bit but I will get back on track. It's quite amazing how quickly the weeks roll by considering one is just lying in bed staring out to space.

Thanks x


You're allowed to have a moan! have you read all the info on here about adrenals? Could that be why you can't tolerate meds? keep hanging on in there! x


No, can't relate to that - am always dressed by 3pm! :) :)


Lol ! That means so much- thanks Sandi x


Week oh yes can relate to this CA. I'm tired doing nothing and exhausted if doing anything. I can't put washing out my arms won't lift or stay there. Yesterday didn't dress, day b4 left pj top on couldn't fight with arms to get it off, so just put on trouser and boots and big cardi to cover up.

Now this I feel a slob, I can't always shower, as too exhausted to get in and I kknow I have no energy to keep moving arms to wash and will be worse and lie down trying to recover.

I don't know the ans, as for housework, if anyone visits and doesn't like the dust I can give them a duster if it bothers them that much. Lol

I do get upset and down over it but ahh well.


Ok - another day. Am still in bed having got up twice then had to give up! Not washed but have eaten breakfast - oh no now more washing up to do! At least I feel better knowing I may not be alone in this.

I wanna be out in sunshine but it seems so far from possible.

Have a nice day CA :) :)


I am coming out of the biggest black hole I've been in for 37 years. I was so weak I could barely stand, every inch of me was shaking and I felt so ill I can't describe, along with depression that had me ranting, raving and screaming. I could just about get down stairs to put ready meals in the oven and feed my cat. I was confined to bed for 3 months. Housework? What's that? My cleaner had to do it all.

Doctor? Come back for retest in 3 months time.

I have a long way to go but I am so much better now. You are not alone and like all of us you need the proper treatment for you. The problem is that it is individual and doctors only like a "one size fits all" approach.

If it's any help, my current regime (and it keeps changing) is 50mg thyroxine, 2 x nutri adrenal extra, 2 x nutri thyroid, 1000mg Vit C, 1000iu Vit D, 2 sprays Vit B12, multi vitamin with iron, Co Enzyme Q.


Thanks to all of you. It really is a surreal situation isn't it? I like how you say, ' I'm tired doing nothing and exhausted doing anything' Twinks, kinda sums it up! I also know what you mean about showering.

Sandi - it does make me feel a bit better knowing that it's just this blooming illness, but you wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy would you? And also it's so difficult for people to understand. Thanks you have a nice day too!!

Rose- glad you are on your way to feeling better. Before my cat passed away I remember him comming into my room miaowing for his tea and it was all I could do to haul myself out of bed to go to the kitchen. Everything just feels like a drain on your energy! Thanks


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