acne and b12

over the last year I have came up with really bad spot prone skin, I have never suffered so much like I am, I started taking b12 5000mcg and folate and ive noticed my spot prone face clearing up lovely, is there a connection?, I have tried so many creams from cheap to expensive that has never worked, within a week of going back on my b12 and folate its starting to look so much better, I had to come of them to have a blood test and my spots came back with a vengeance! x

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  • There most certainly are connections between B12 and acne. But not always so simple or so good! Some people have been known to get acne due to high dose B12 - especially injected. But others have definitely had improvements as you say.

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  • thank yo, could this possibly mean I was low on it? x

  • So many people who are have thyroid disorders are low in B12, it is very likely.

    Adequate vitamin D also helps skin quality (personal experience!)


  • I have started on vit d spray 3 days ago x

  • *you

  • what brand b12 do you take?


  • 5000mcg methylcobalamin high potency x

  • I have always had terrible skin ( am now over and have been taking B12 and Vit D but it hasn't made any difference :( Glad it seems to do the job for you though...I think my skin issue is one of the pointers for my thyroid ( on 50mcg Levo for 12 years) but am in the process of getting a refrerral.So it didn't work for me ( boooo) but I am glad it works for some people!

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