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I Managed to Get T3 Prescription Filled

I got my prescription from Morrisons (in the west of scotland) yesterday. Interestingly, three months supply came in one dispensary tub rather than in 3 branded tubs. The tablets look the same, but I did wonder if they're from another source. I wish you all luck in tracking some down. x

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Did you get a Patient Information Leaflet? That should identify the licence-holder and manufacturer - and they must provide one if you ask.

Also, look closely at the tablets. Is any debossing identical?

The SPC says this:

Tubular glass vial with snap-plug closure or tamper-evident polypropylene container with polythene lid, containing 28, 56, 112 and 1000 tablets of Liothyronine sodium 20mcg.

(My correction in bold.)

So maybe someone found a load of 1,000 tab containers at the back of Mercury Pharma's warehouse? :-)



It is very interesting to read in table content number 4 how adrenals may be effected I wonder if that has been added recently. I wonder if it says the same for Levothyroxine. I am very suspicious that when they release the med again given the fact they are having problems with the main ingredient what if changes could be made to the drug given all the controversay perhaps a placebo?? I have lost confidence in Mercury Pharma the way that they have taken our illness for granted.


Most thyroid hormone products which I have read mention untreated adrenal insufficiency in one way or another.

That particular document has an updated date of


I doubt very much that the adrenal reference was added then. Rather, I suspect that it was included from the very first version. After all, you can see pretty much the same thing said in documentation of products from around the world.

A significant proportion of all UK Patient Information Leaflets (PIL) and Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) documents are available here:

You can go and read them to your heart's content. :-)



Didn't get a patient information leaflet, but have now peered at the tablets under a magnifier. They look identical, so maybe your big tub theory is right!


In my view we should always get a PIL! (They must provide one if you ask.) Please always ask for one - or if you are able without too much effort, go back and ask.

If the markings (debossing) on the tablets are identical, they will be the same product. Though it certainly can be difficult to read some of them.


it is not 'in stock' really, not yet, as my pharmacist has not sourced it so far.

He has found an alternative which comes in 10mcg tablets and for my 2 months supply it will cost the NHS £4700 (or that may be one month the note did not say)

I know this as he's left that note on the counter where he works but his assistant was unable to tell me if he's ordered it for me or awaiting confirmation that my PCT will pay. I will pop in Monday to speak to him and find out.

PS you are lucky you ONLY need 3 bottles of T3 for your 3 months prescription, I need 24 bottle for 3 months! I also found 3 bottles in a pharmacy the other day but this will only last me 9 days :( if it was 'in stock' then I'd get my 16 bottles with no problem, alas this is not happening yet.


Well, the Morrison's pharmacist did actually say Liothyronine was 'in stock' at their supplier. I was there when she called them to ask. She ordered it, it arrived in under 24 hours. Too bad you changed my header - the tone seems to have gone from helpful to boastful.

Hope you get your supply one way or another. It's hard to believe this kind of situation is actually allowed to happen.


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