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Head is all over the place why ??????

I will say sorry before i start if i go on a bit or bore some people or anything xxxx

Right start at beginning i suffer from depression so on fluoxetine 40mg daily and have been off work for over 18mths in the last 2 years, while on sick it was discovered i had large goiters on both side so had to have a total thyroidectomy on the 17th of this month, the surgery went well & i couldnt ask for better doctors or nurses. i felt good after considering what i had just had done lol, I was allowed to go home the following day and had to go back for a calcium profile the day after, they have put me on 125 micrograms of levothyroxine daily.

Then to top it all work wanted me in for a meeting about my time off, however since putting a post on here about it & your kind replys i have joined the union & am going to let them sort the work issue out for me, i know they want me to hand my notice in but if they want rid of me am they will need to go down the ill health rd.

The real problem of late is yesterday i did nothing but cry over nothing really & just wanted to scream it was a real bad day worse ive ever had to think of it & my face has decided to have a outbreak of spots since coming out of hospital is this normal to feel like this ????? i felt great after op & was well pleased with myself now i just feel totally lost :-(

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It sounds like you need some more thyroid hormones. Can you have a thyroid blood test (TSH, ft3 and ft4)? Do you have any thyroid results from before your thyroidectomy that we can compare them too? Please post whatever results you have on here? Xxx


I have nothing clarebear all i have is my discharge letter

will write what is says on that

total thyroidectomy done,findings large mng left & right. recurrent laryngeal identified and preserved. left superior parathyroid gland removed during dissection and embedded in left scm muscle. remaining parathyroids identified and presrved.

calcium profile on discharge

calcium = 2.17mmol/L = NORMAL RANGE blank

adjuted calcium = 2.13mmol/L = NORMAL RANGE 2.1-2.6

phosphate = 1.38mmoi/L = NORMAL RANGE 0.8- 1.5

alp = 58iu/l = NORMAL RANGE 30-130

albumin = 42g/l = NORMAL RANGE 35 -50

Can anyone work this out ??? because i cant lol

Been to see my Gp today & says i have to wait till june for next blood test but am making another appointment for next week so i can see my right doc so will get my before blood test results off him is there anything else Clarebear i should be asking for hun xxx


You poor thing,,,even without having the operation depression is an ghastly thing, I doubt its any consolation but so many thyroid sufferers also have bouts of depression, I realy hope you get the help you need and feel better soon. X


Really empathise Sarah, havent had the operation you have had, just suffer with Hashis but certainly know about the depression. No advice I'm afraid just lots of empathy and hope you feel better soon with the right medication xx


You should go to your GP, tell him you are unwell and ask for a thyroid gland blood test and post your results in a new question. Ask for a T3 test too (they usually don't do this) as this is the active hormone we need. You must put the ranges too, as labs differ. Always get a copy of your blood tests from now on for your own records. Sometimes the GP's keep us within the 'normal' range but we need a TSH 1 or blow.


Hi, I can sympathise with you, I had a total thyroidectomy too, and I went through the crying and feeling terrible also. It just hits you. Your body has been through the wars, it needs time to heal, and it can take 4 weeks or more for the meds to get a grip and for you to start feeling more like your old self again. I hope you feel better soon.


Hiya. I'm 8 weeks post total thyroidectomy and I know I had my calcium rechecked at 2 weeks post op. I also had full blood count and all the thyroid tests done at this time. Even though your calcium was fine the day after, it could have changed again.

Sorry for the late reply. I had a really tearful few days around week 4, which is not normal for me. Also my cycle was all out of synch.

Really hope you feel better soon and if not, to find out why.


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